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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Four To Score by Janet Evanovich #bookreview

This is my 7th book read for 2013...please give me a round of applause!  I hope you are just as proud of my reading as I am!  If you are a parent you know how hard it is to read with kids.  Harder than I ever imagined! 
And now time for me to share with you my most recent read. 
Four to Score
(Stephanie Plum Series #4)
By Janet Evanovich
My Review:
Once again I am hooked.  Now if I didn't have 2 kids, a job, a house and a husband in my life I would have read this book in less than a day.  I love the way Janet Evanovich writes.  She is really connecting with her long term characters too.  I really enjoyed "sitting" at family dinners at her parents house too.  It gave me a glimpse into where Stephanie came from.  Her bounty hunting life is not dull but her home life is pretty normal...besides Grandma M.  Haha!  Grandma M brings it that lady! 

Stephanie is great at finding people who want to kill her and in this book it came close a couple of times.  One firebomb to her apartment leads Stephanie to move in with Joe Morelli...hello rumors!!  I love that the rumor mill begins going crazy with Stephanie being pregnant and getting married too.  So much for just a little bump and grind for Joe and Stephanie!  ;) 
The newest character that we met was Sally Sweet...a drag queen who doesn't know how to dress himself for his drag queen lifestyle!  Sally is a great addition to Stephanie and about sticking out in public though.  Probably not ideal if you are trying to stay alive!
Most of the time I am reading these books I forget what Mystery is trying to be solved or what criminal needs to be found because I am totally involved in the individuals and what they are doing.  I find myself really connecting with them each and since we have had them in our lives for 4 books now I feel like I know them! 
My Recommendations:
I've said it before, these are fun chic lit novels but they are pretty racy!  Great for the mature woman who wants easy reading with a little bad girl fun!  To be a Stephanie Plum fan you have to be able to laugh at her!
My Ratings:

5 out of 5 cupcakes for this book. 
The humor in this series is what keeps bringing me back.

What am I reading now?
High Five
(Stephanie Plum Series #5)
By Janet Evanovich
What are you reading today?



  1. count is ummm zero unless you count a few short ebooks! I'll blame a move, husband new job and my career change! Sounds like a great book to get lost in!

  2. I'm reading "Called to Write," and "Celebrity Letters" right now. I totally know what you mean about it being hard to read when you have kids! That's the truth! lol


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