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Friday, August 16, 2013

Y3W: Jude Starts School

Yesterday was Jude's first day of Pre-school! 
How exciting!  
 I found this great idea on Pinterest and created our own 1st Day of School Chalk Board.  Every year I plan to have this set up for Jude and Teagan. 
Yesterday he decided that he wants to be a Police Officer when he grows up so he can help people!  So thoughtful!!  Before he answered Police Officer he answered "I want to be Jude when I grow up!"  I thought that answer was perfect too!! 
His first day was a short day and I got to stay in the room with him.  I did not interact with him but he did glance at me a couple times when he knew he wasn't listening to his teacher.
I love his teacher and the format of the Montessori room.  He went through 5 lessons with his teacher yesterday morning, this means he will be able to use those stations/lessons on his own now with out his teachers help.  He did great, he was a little distracted by all the other things in the room that he wanted to play with but as we were leaving his teacher told me that is normal and she sees the concentration he has once he is focused on a project.  She assured me that he would do fine in this class! 
He will be going only Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours.  Perfect for a 3 year old. 
I cannot wait to share more Montessori moments with you through out this school year. 
As we were leaving, Jude cried because he wasn't ready to leave, I suppose that is a good thing! 
Also - I am a Room Mom!  I don't know what that means but I am excited! 


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