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Friday, August 30, 2013

Montessori Reflections for August

August in Review at Preschool

Our first {short} month of preschool has come to an end.  We made it!  Jude went to preschool 5 days in August.  At this school they do a phase in for the kiddos and parents so he hasn't really had a real week or day of school just yet.  The normal hours start on Tuesday.

The first day I went with him for 45 minutes, this was just a one on one meeting for Jude and his teacher.  Jude learned some of the rules of the classroom and also had about 5 short Lessons on the work in the Practical Life section of the classroom.  He really wanted to do the water pouring work but that is for later.  Every day he asks his teacher if he can do the water!  lol

The next day I went with Jude to his classroom for an hour and he got to meet all of his classmates and their Moms too!  The moms got to see an hour in the classroom.  It was a lot of fun to see the different personalities of the kiddos.  Jude will be in a class with just 6 other kids.  He is the youngest of the group.  There are 6 boys and 1 girl!  Jude loves the girl already...lucky her! 

The 3rd day of class was 90 minutes.  We did the normal drop off hug and kiss and hand shake at the classroom door.  Jude thought I went to work but I was in a conference room with the other moms visiting during the school time.  Jude did great.  He was so excited when I "picked" him up!

This week both Tuesday and Thursday he went for 2 hours all by himself.  I dropped him off and then went to work.  My dad went and picked him up at dismissal, loves that "Pa" is picking him up! 

The phase in is over and Jude will start on Tuesday going 8-11am!  Exciting!! 

So far we have heard 3 newly learned songs, we have been told how to wash our hands and have learned that he likes pouring things and playing with cones.  He has also told me that he cannot wait to have more lessons so he has more work to do. 

He has melt downs in the mornings when we tell him it isn't a school day...I guess that is a good thing!!  ;) 

Last night we had Family Night at a local pizza place and Jude was so excited to see and visit his teacher during dinner.  Seeing his smile when she waved at him was priceless!  I am so excited to see what is in store for us in September. 

I see this kiddo growing right in front of me!!  I love it!!   



  1. I only get 30 minutes on day 1 next week then they want parents to leave the Kindergarteners

  2. I love that it's such a small and personal class. Montessori Schools really interest me. We're using a local daycare now, but I'm not very happy with it and plan to look around at other options, though I know there are very few near us.

    They DO grow faster than you can even imagine, don't they!?

  3. So awesome - I almost wish we had started Owen this fall


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