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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ONLY 2 kids?

Yup, you are reading that right! 

ONLY 2 Kids! 

Nothing is permanent yet, let’s be real we have had enough doctors’ appointments and bills recently, I am not going to put Jeremy through anything yet. 
Jeremy and I know we are done.  Jude and Teagan complete our family.  A family of 4.  Perfection in our eyes. 


I am not judging any one for having more than 2 kids but I honestly do not know how you do it!  LOL  If we have another one we will be outnumbered!!  YIKES!!  If you have met Jude you will understand what we are worried about by being outnumbered, pretty sure Teagan is going to be a firecracker too!  
Teagan will be turning 1 soon, WHAT!?!?, which means the questions have begun to come. 

“When will you have another?” 
“You are trying again soon, right?” 
“You make such cute kids!” 
 “Just one more?” 
 First of all, thank you, I agree we make the cutest kids! 
Second, knowing our luck we wouldn’t have JUST one again, we would end up with a litter!  Eek!  Third, no thanks, I think our family is perfect as is and I cannot wait to get out of the “baby having” world and onto the exploration of toddlers!  Daily I see Jude growing physically but also educationally – seeing the world of a toddler is beyond fun.  I cannot wait for that with Teagan too! 
So yes, ONLY 2 Kids.  It is the way our family will be.  A family of 4.  A family of 4 that can fit into one car.  A family of 4 that can enjoy saving money for future vacations!  A family of 4 that can do activities without going broke!  A family of 4 that I love. 

So if anyone is in need of BABY STUFF contact me!! 
For those in a family of 5,6,7,15 – good for you, I support you and respect your patience! 
I for one, would be a nut ball!


  1. No one's been asking us...but we very well might be "two and through". Nothing's set in stone, but I'm not even on the fence right now. Ethan is still so young and I'm not one to have babies super close together, I love our (almost) 3 year age gap. If we do have another Ethan will have turned 3 already when we do!

  2. We are pregnant with number 2 and my grandma is already talking about number 3. Needless to say we are done a after number 2 gets here! So much so that one of us will be 'fixed.' But if I tell my grandma that she doesn't believe me.
    I agree with all your reasons to stay a family of 4. One car, saving for vacations, not being outnumbered! I'm already afraid number 2 will be a, as you put it, a firecracker like his older sister!

  3. Wow! ppl are already asking if you're having more? That's ballsy!
    IMO - your family is perfect when you say it's perfect; ask those asking you about #3 if they're in a rush to have their va-jay-jay ripped open


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