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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Prayer: Tumor Be Gone!

Tomorrow my sister in law, Kayla will be having surgery.  A pretty serious surgery too…a surgery to remove a brain tumor that was found back in September 2009 after a very serious seizure.  In 2009, before we knew her) she went through chemotherapy and the tumor shrunk and seemed to go dormant.  Kayla had the Twins back in 2012 and while she was pregnant there was concerns for the tumor gaining “life” again.  In June 2013 it was confirmed that the tumor indeed had life and blood flow again.  Not good. 
Her doctor referred her to a surgeon at The University of San Francisco Hospital in hopes that this surgeon would agree to removing the tumor for good.  After reviewing her information the surgeon agreed to the surgery and has said he will be able to remove the entire tumor.  Fantastic news.  They have been told that they will be headed home to Colorado just 5 days after the surgery!  Crazy right?     
My brother, Kayla, my two nieces and nephew are in San Francisco now.  They are probably preparing for a busy and stressful day tomorrow.  
What do they need from you?  They need prayers of strength, healing, patience, safe travels and love. 
Especially pray for my “Little” brother.  His life has changed greatly in the last 2 years, into something he never thought he wanted.  He will be the backbone of this recovery for his family.  A father/step-father for 3 children and a husband is a lot to hold with a “sick” wife.  I know how hard it is to see your significant other suffering and healing.  It is taxing, especially while you are still having to be a parent – actually 2 parents! 
We hope that after this surgery the term BRAIN TUMOR will be removed from all conversations! 
On August 7th – please think of this family.
Jarrin, Kayla, Avery, Carter and Annabelle   

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  1. Thanks Censie. I can't stop thinking about and praying for them. Great picture. Kayla certainly has the right attitude.


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