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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weight Watchers at Work

Now that I am back ON!  I want to share with you some of my go to foods I bring in my lunch bag for work.  These are just my favs, I have not been paid for these reviews.  Enjoy! 
The Laughing Cow:  Spreadable Cheese Wedges 
Okay, these things are amazing for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!!  The best part you ask?  For TWO wedges you only use 1 PP!!!  Hello!!
I use the Cinnamon Cream flavor for breakfast and snacks.  Great on English muffins or bagel thins!  Great protein and you get your sweet fix for the morning.  For snacks I use this on apples and bananas.  Great for dipping!! 
I use the Creamy Swiss spread for my sandwiches for lunch and dinners.  Instead of slices of cheese or Mayo use 2 wedges.  I pair the cheese with ham, pepperonis and veggies!  Nom Nom!!!
There are tons of flavors to choose from, these are my favorites though. 

Emerald Vanilla Roast Almonds - 100 Calorie Pack
These are perfect for an afternoon pick me up!  Keeping your snack at 3 PP makes these yummy almonds something I keep at my desk.  Great for when you need something crunchy!! 
Fiber One:  Brownies
So many choices of flavors now!  These delicious brownies are my dessert every lunch!  For 2PP sometimes I add one after dinner!  I especially love the Lemon and Chocolate Chip Cookie but have found a new love for the Cinnamon Coffee Cake!  Also great for those late afternoon Candy Bar feeling!  So good!!

This is also an item that is in my lunch bag every day.  Weight Watchers makes this an easy choice - the 2 PP is marked right on the front!  With over 30 flavors to choose from I love going to the grocery to get new flavors for the week.  My favorites:  Banana Cream Pie and Strawberry Shortcake!!  Full of protein and helps me pack great lunches!
Garden lites: Souffle
All natural souffles that make for a healthy, filling lunch or dinner.  These are found in the frozen section of your grocery.  Most of them range from 4 - 6 PP.  My favorite is the Loaded Baked Potato Souffle, it is 5PP.  Full of veggies and all natural ingredients.  Great for those mornings that you need a fast lunch. 
VitaTops:  Carrot Cake
 I love cake.  I could eat cake for breakfast, so I do. I eat a Carrot Cake VitaTop almost every morning for breakfast.  At only 3PP sometimes I have one for a snack too!  VitaTops are great for fast, yummy meals and snacks.  Packed full of fiber and nutrients!  I am stuck on the Carrot Cake and have a hard time branching out!  lol 
So those are my favorites right now for Weight Watchers at work.  I think having these easy pre-packaged products really help me stay on track because I know exactly how many Points Plus each package is. 
I want to know, what does your Weight Watchers look like at work? 
Any favorites?


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  1. Thanks for this information, I started WW 2 weeks ago, I am always interested in what others eat and how they use their points.


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