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Friday, August 23, 2013

Y3W: Our Happenings Lately

What have we been up to you ask? 
Time to show you in pictures! 
Lots of Teagan fun!  Cuddles, walking, crawling, talking and turning 10 months old!

Teething!  Possibly 4 teeth at once = Mommy and Daddy having a bed time visitor!  Ahhh!!

Jeremy had another surgery last week.  All is well now.  Hoping this is the last one and that this giant annoying wound finally heals!  He is still going to the doctor daily.  Please keep praying for healing!  We want this whole process to finally be done. 

Sibling fun!  Teagan is really wanting to play with Jude now.  Sometimes Jude likes it...most of the time not so much!  ;)
Making play-dough cakes with Daddy.  Good times.  This kid loves play-dough!

Nap time on Daddy on a beautiful day at the park!
 Someone is learning how to dress himself which means he loves wear his Fireman Boots!  This was his outfit of choice for church!!
Well and there is pre-school!  Jude made it through his first full week of pre-school!  YAY! 
It's been busy, fun, and stressful.  Life!  ha! 


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