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Monday, September 23, 2013

11 Months Old

Yay!  Clap for me...I'm 11 Months Old!!
Yes you are reading that correctly...Teagan is less that one month away from being 1!!!!

Teagan loves playing "Oh My Head" just like Jude did!
Things I do Not want to forget:
~You are in 12 month clothes
~You are wearing size 3 diapers
~You still have no interest in eating much of anything with any texture
~Sleep?  Ha only in mommy and daddy’s bed…super!
~You are not just army crawling anymore!  You are the cutest crawler!!
~You look like you could start walking at any moment!
~Your brother is your best friend.  You love being around him.
~Even though you love Jude you tell him by screeching that you have had enough of him at times!
~You hear music of any kind and you DANCE!! 
~You can say a couple of words: “Big Bird”, Mama, Dada, BYE, HI, Thank you.
~You love to wave and blow kisses.
~You also love to give open mouth kisses…they are messy but perfect!!  ;) 
~Clapping has become one of your favorite things!
~You are the sweetest little girl but I can tell you are going to be a strong willed lady!  I love it!
~You get overly excited when Daddy and I come to pick you up from Grandma’s – screaming and bouncing around!  So cute! 
~You met a horse for the first time and thought he was so neat.  Doc is a special horse in our family.
You are a cupcake and we love it!  I cannot wait to see what this month will bring us.  Maybe walking, more talking, big girl car seat?  A birthday!!!  Eeek!!  So fun!

This girl is all smiles and on the move all the time! 
What a special little lady Teagan is.


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