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Monday, September 2, 2013

Arvada Volunteer Firefighters Park - Arvada Colorado

A couple weekends ago we decided to try a new local park with some friends.  We all met up at the Arvada Volunteer Firefighers Park in Arvada Colorado.  I had heard great things about this park and with Jude being OBSESSED with Fire Trucks we decided this would be a perfect park for him. 
Before we did too much playing we had to have a photo shoot with Teagan! 
She is the cutest!!!
10 months old here.  We had to get the perfect picture for her birthday invites! What do you think??

This is the main play area at the park.  We had all different ages at our play date.  10 months to 8 years old, all of them loved it. 
This giant slide was a hit for everyone but Teagan.  LOL We decided she wasn't ready yet.  Jude loved this because he could climb by himself and we didn't have to hover around him.  I was really happy with the safety of this big play area.  Perfect for a daring child like Jude. 

Mommy and Teagan watched Jude and his buddies play.  Teagan did get to swing on the baby swings and she thought it was the coolest thing!  She actually started to fall asleep.  

The park had a lot of different places for Jude and his friends to explore and play.  We were there for almost 2 hours in the 99 degree weather but those kids played hard and had so much fun!

Jude especially loved this area.  It has stearing wheels and bells to play with.  It is a perfect place for a fire truck lover!!  I really like the imagination that Jude has because he immediatly became a fireman while playing.  It is really fun to watch!

Swing time!!  Jeremy pushing Jude with his friend Gavin too!!

After all that playing we decided to have lunch and take a break from the sun.  These kiddos had a great time together. 

We will be coming back to this park for sure! This park is clean, newly updated and perfect for picnics and gatherings too.  The only bathrooms!  Not idea for potty training!
 If you are ever in the Arvada area make sure you stop at this park for some fun. 
Thanks for the playdate friends!!  We need to do this more often!!!
Address of Park:
8351 Club Crest Drive
Arvada, Co   



  1. What a fun looking park! Sounds like everyone had fun.

  2. I love parks where you can go as a family and have fun with your kids. Looks like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing! :)


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