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Thursday, September 26, 2013

High Five by Janet Evanovich #bookreview

Time to share my 8th book read in 2013...slow clap is appreciated!

High Five
(Stephanie Plum Series #5)
By Janet Evanovich

My review:
Well Stephanie never has a dull moment in her bounty hunter lifestyle and that seems to be the way she likes it.  
Being a bounty hunter is a hard job when your Uncle goes missing, body parts are found in a trash bag, you keep missing getting blown to pieces, 2 HOT men want you...bad, and a little person decides to make your couch his home.  This is book 5 in the Plum series.  Mix in the hilarious Grandma M., the talk of marriage and high sexual tension you will be laughing out loud when reading this book.  
Stephanie has to find Uncle Fred.  Everyone is relying on her.  Of course nothing is easy in her world but she certainly finds what she needs and helps her family in the end.  
This book leaves you hanging in the end...wondering - does she call Morelli or Ranger over for a night of fun?  I had to start book 6 immediately to find out!!  ;)
Evanovich continues to deliver and I really feel like with every book she builds Stephanie's character more and more.  Great fun and easy reads for a busy mama!  

My recommendations:
I know I keep repeating myself but these books just keep getting dirtier!  ;)  Great for the mature adult and for those that like a little danger, sex, cursing and plain old fun in their books!

My Rating:

5 out of 5 cupcakes.  Yup - again!  I am hooked.  I love this series.  

What am I reading now?
Hot Six
(Stephanie Plum Series #6)
By Janet Evanovich

What are you reading?



  1. sounds like a good read! I'm STILL trying to get through The Secret Garden....I started it a year ago!

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