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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jude's First Tomato Harvest

Do you remember my story about Jude's Tomato Plant? 
His little seeds were planted and Jeremy and just HOPED that something would grow!  Jude had so much fun planted them and wanted to eat tomatoes!  I should also remind you that Tomatoes are his favorite and that Jeremy and I do not have green thumbs AT ALL! 
Then we started seeing this...
Eeek!!  Something was growing!! 
We eventually had to separate the plants because we had so many.  We created 5 pots of tomato plants...still PRAYING that some tomatoes would actually grow on these plants!! 
Well now we are seeing green, yellow, orange and RED tomatoes on our deck! 
Jude was thrilled {and wanted to eat all of these} with his first tomato harvest! 
While we might not have the greenest grass or prettiest flower gardens I am really loving this seed planting and veggie watching we did this summer.  Maybe by next spring we will get a REAL garden going.  A goal that Jeremy and I have. 
How has your harvest been so far?


  1. This is so fun. Gardening is a huge part of Montessori school - will Jude be able to garden at school?

  2. That's awesome!! Ours ended up having tiny white bugs crawling everywhere!


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