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Monday, September 30, 2013

Montessori Reflections for September #Montessori #Preschool

Montessori Reflections at a Montessori Preschool

September In Review:  Montessori Reflections 

Well we made it through our first full month of school.  Success!  I am amazed at the changes that I have seen in Jude in just these 5 short weeks being enrolled in our Montessori school and very thankful for his teacher...she is a keeper.  

So what did Jude do in September? 
He finally got a lesson on the classroom reading tree house which means he can go into the tree house and read on his own now...he loves it!  I love that he loves to read.  Also he got to do a couple of lessons on the Practical Life area in the water works.  He really really wanted to pour water...he would ask me and his teacher every day if he could so she gave him a lesson early.  

Jude got to sing one of his "Jesus" songs at the church connected to the preschool and he did great.  He was very excited to go to the front of the church with his class and teacher and sing.  It was the cutest thing.  Growing up!

We had a celebration in his classroom for his teacher for her birthday; being the room mom means I got to gather a gift and stay for the song and well wishes.  Even though I was late to work it was so great to see Jude in his element!  Like I said before, seeing the changes with my own eyes make my heart happy.  I know this Montessori schooling is perfect for him!

We had another family night out for dinner to benefit his school - lucky for Jude it was at his very favorite place to eat out....TEXAS ROADHOUSE!  Yup our kid likes steak bites over cheeseburgers.  ;)  It is nice building a community with the other families that attend this school and church.  

Jude got to go to his first Scholastic Book Fair and pick out some books.  He and his grandma went after school and picked out 4 new books!  Lucky boy!!  He was very excited to come home and read those books.  

Now for the highlight of September!  Jude's first field trip!  We went to Miller Farms in Platteville Colorado to do some exploring, harvesting and playing.  Gardening is a big part of Montessori teaching so this trip was perfect.  We took Jude out to the fields and we picked all kinds of veggies!  Yum!  And now we are going to go over what we can make with all of the produce we came home with.  First on our lists:  Salsa and Soup!  More on the trip in a later blog post!  A must visit!!

Jude still wakes up every day asking if it is a school day and I love that.  He really has a favorite activity and that is water play right now.  He is starting to have friends too - 2 that we hear a lot about!  Too cute!  

How is it already time to think about October? 

How are your kiddos doing in school so far this school year?


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