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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Halloween Costumes 2013: A Toy Story Family

Halloween 2013 is just around the corner and we already have our costumes planned and ordered. 
We asked Jude who he wanted to be for Halloween and he said Buzz LightYear!!  That hasn't changed so we decided to go ahead and order the costume. 

 He did specify that he would need a Buzz costume with lights, wings and knee pads.  Well alright...I think he will love what we found!  Thank you Disney Store online!!

The best part about this costume is the wings!!  They light up!  I can already see Jude running/flying around the neighborhood for Trick or Treating!!  So exciting!!

We asked Jude what Teagan should be for Halloween...with out stalling he said "Jessie!" 

Perfect idea!!  I struggled with what costume to buy for Teagan.  We live in Colorado.  Halloween can either be 80 degrees or a blizzard, you never know so all Halloween costumes have to be planned accordingly.  I found a Jessie Onesie but knew that we would probably be covering it up with pants if it was a cold Halloween. 

Then I looked on Disney Store Online and found this!!

How perfect??  I went up 1 size just in case we have to bundle her up and now I am on the search for the perfect baby cowgirl boots!  They have some online but I am not sure I really want to pay that price for something she probably will not wear long. 
Also, she MIGHT be walking by then so we may need some decent shoes for her. 

Jude also told Jeremy and I what we need to be for Halloween....

While I appreciate that Jude didn't choose the pig for me, I know Jeremy isn't thrilled either!  LOL!  From the mouths of babes!!

So I guess I will be finding a Mrs. Potato Head and Hamm Costume! 

What are your kids dressing up as?  Are you dressing up too??



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