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Friday, September 20, 2013

Whats on your TV?

During the summer I feel like TV is just plain boring. Well everything but Dexter.  Jeremy and I have been Dexter followers for years.  We love this show and are really sad that after Sunday Dexter will be gone.  The very last Dexter airs on Sunday - after 8 seasons we will say goodbye to our Sunday night fun.  

This summer we also got hooked on a old HBO show Six Feet Under (Another Michael C. Hall show).  Jeremy and I are into the second season so far and loving it!  I kind of like having a series to just watch every couple of evenings at home.  After we finish Dexter and Six Feet Under we will need a new series.  Any suggestions???

In just a couple of weeks my favorite show will be returning too!  Grey's Anatomy!!  

So what will you be watching?  What series do you love?  And what do you suggest for our next series?


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  1. Looks like we both have TV on the brain! Check out my post for my suggestions!


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