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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cat Health Made Easy

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Meet Sophie. 
She is our Furbaby.  A very special, crazy, strong willed, loving and moody Cat that we love dearly.
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Sophie is our only Furbaby right now - recently we had to say goodbye to our first Furbaby, Pun-kin the Cat, just about 6 months ago.  It was heartbreaking.  Pun-kin was my first pet ever so that means he was the first animal I had to see get sick and then eventually need to be put down.  That feeling is horrible.
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After going through that with Pun-kin I started really focusing on how we take care of our animals.  

When we think about getting healthy as a human - what is the first thing you go to change?
If that means changing the amount you put in your mouth, how you cook it or what kind of food it is - it is a leap towards making better choices about what you put in your body.

If we are FurBaby parents we SHOULD do the same for our animals.  Sheba Cat Food is a great option and our kitties always loved getting Sheba Cat Food in their bowls!  Sophie still enjoys it!
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Sheba Cat Food makes it easy to spoil your Cats with great tasting food that they will love and will keep them happy and healthy too!  Sheba has been around for a long time and Cats know it.  Every time I open a can I hear Sophie running for the bowl.  It is Cat Food that I trust and know will be high quality food.  

One SIMPLE step to making sure that your Cats are staying on track with their health.

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Check out all of the flavors that Sophie gets!  LUCKY Lady!!  Turkey Entree is Sophie's favorite!
Not to mention the great deals Sheba offers at WALMART - right now you can log onto and find a coupon for a BUY 6 GET 1 FREE!
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Another step that we take as family to assure the health of our animals is yearly check-ups and shots at the Vet.  While it seems expensive I make sure I remind myself that we do the same thing for ourselves and our children.  A simple trip to the Vet can detect a disease or problem before it is too late.  Animals cannot talk for themselves so we as caretakers can take them on a short road trip every year just to get a look over.

When I get cuddles from this kitty I remember how important health is for our animals.  

Another decision we have made as a family for our Cat is to only have Sophie indoors.  Some Cats want to be outside, Miss Sophie has no desire to venture out...probably because she knows how good she has it!!  Smart Cat!

With these small and simple steps my husband and I know we are helping our Cat have the best life she could possibly have.  

Great Cat Food from Sheba, Vet Visits and Hanging Inside!  
What a life!!

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Our Sophie and Our Pun-kin...miss you buddy!  

Keep your Cat healthy and happy.  Treat her like you should be treating your body and your child's body!  These little animals depend on you to make healthy choices for them. 



  1. Pretty cats! I wish we were able to have one, but the landlord doesn't allow pets.

  2. Looks like you have a happy cat who gets to enjoy some good food!

  3. They look like happy. The orange cat is such a cutie :-)

  4. Great tips on keeping your little fur baby healthy. :) #Client


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