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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Family Halloween Party...Spooky! #TrickUrTreat

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It is Halloween season which means it is time to get into the Halloween spirit.  To do this we had a Family Halloween Party filled with Halloween Treats and Decorations.  We knew to make it a party we would need PIZZA and candy.  

I was so excited when I found the Scary Monsters Tombstone Pizzas at Walmart when I was searching for a perfect pizza party pizza. 
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How fun!!!  Great prices but also makes our Family Halloween Party even more Spooky!!  We did a Supreme Pizza which means we brought home a Mummy with us!  Jude was really excited!  
#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
Found some yummy Nestle candies too for a recipe I will share.
The prices on Halloween Candy at Walmart cannot be beat.  The good stuff for less cash! I am not one to give out the cheap candy that kids hate.
Butterfingers, Crunch and Nerds are some of our favorites so we were happy to see the great deal with these packages.  
#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
Okay - we are PARTY ready!! 
Check out those plates and napkins!!  So much fun!!  Halloween can be spooky but cute too!  

I wanted to have a different dessert than just candy after we enjoyed our pizza so we made this!

Butterfinger Brownie Cake!  

#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy

1 cup of CRUSHED up Butterfinger Candy
1 boxed Brownie Mix (prepared as directed)
1 extra egg
Nerds Candy

1.  Preheat oven as directed on box of Brownie Mix. 
2.  Crush up Butterfinger candy bars using a rolling pin or food processor.  You will need 1 cup.
#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
3.   Prepare brownie mix as directed.  
4.  Add in 1 cup of Butterfingers.  
#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
5.  Add in 1 extra egg.
#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
6.  Add mix into a greased layered cake pan.
7.  Bake as directed.  Might need an extra 5 minutes added to the bake time.  Watch carefully!
8.  Once baked - let cool completely!
9.  Remove cake from pan.

#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
10.  Time to decorate!  Have fun and enjoy!!

Before dessert though we had to enjoy our Halloween Pizza Party!

#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
Jude was awfully excited for the decorations on the table and the fun plates and napkins - such a treat which makes it even more memorable for him.  I like that something so simple helps us make some great memories as a family!  
#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
Must be good!!  Yummy!!  Jude approves of this Spooky Mummy Pizza from Tombstone!
#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy
Dessert is served!!!  Success!!!  

Jude was very proud of our Brownie Cake creation.  So was I!  I love the texture of this cake.  Something different but easy to create.  
#ad #shop #TrickUrTreat #cbias Tombstone Pizza and Nestle Candy

I believe our Family Halloween Party was a success and I think it will now be a tradition for our family.  Bring on Halloween - We are ready!!

To see all of our pictures - please visit my Google+ Album here!

Do you have any Halloween traditions in your family?



  1. That cake looks yummy! We have those pumpkin plates too! How fun. Happy Halloween!

  2. Umm, that looks so good. I'm on my way over :)

  3. You truly are party ready. Great job. Looks like you thought of everything.

  4. what a great helper you have the cake sounds delish!

  5. Love your little helper! Looks like you had fun with this campaign! #client

  6. I love your little helped! How incredibly cute! Thank you so much for sharing! #client


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