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Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Sure Ways To Keep Your Low Budget Wedding On Track

Planning on a low budget wedding can be more challenging than having the expensive one because you need to properly allocate all the expenses according to your budget. Now we all know that wedding planning usually involve the bridal gown, the wedding ring, the motifs, the food, and the guests. But how can you maximize your limited resources properly without having to compromise on the quality of the celebration you are going to hold? If you’re interested to know more about this mater then keep on reading because today we are going to discuss the 5 sure ways to keep your low budget wedding on track.

1. Outfit – This is one of the main details you need to take focused into. Aside from the wedding dress, you will also need to think of the gowns of the bridesmaids, the flowers girls, and the other outfits of those belonging to the wedding entourage. One sure way of cutting of the expenditures on the wedding attire is to purchase your dresses on the internet. I highly recommend that you get your gowns from a reputable website that sells high-quality and reasonably priced wedding dresses. TheGreenGuide is currently having a big sale on all dresses in their store so why don’t you take advantage of this limited time offer and save more.


2. Decors – This is also one of the wedding aspects where you can practically do a costing adjustment. Instead of buying readymade wedding decorations, why don’t you make your own decorations with the help of some of your friends and families instead? Go through some wedding blog websites and you’ll find plenty of DIY projects that you can take advantage of, so let your creative juices flowing.

3. Menu – If one of your family member is a great cook, then why don’t you exploit their talents and ask them to cook for you on your wedding day? Tell them that this will be a wonderful gift they can give to you and it would mean a great deal for you and your partner that they would take part in your wedding by means of preparing the food for the occasion.

4. Rings –While most wedding organizers suggest that you don’t have to spend less on your wedding, there are actually a handful of ways where you can cut the cost on this and that is by buying from a local independent jewelry store. Purchasing your wedding rings on branded jewelry stores may seem to be an impractical move as you can get a decent wedding ring that comes with a marked down price tag if you buy it from a local store near you.

5. Guests – Some couple would like to show-off and invite as many guests as they could, but you can only afford to do this if you have an unlimited budget. Make a guest list of all the people you want to invite at your wedding starting from the most significant people to the acquaintances, and then sort your list further to come up with a final list of guest. Having your close friends and family is just about enough to turn your wedding into a more memorable event that you and you partner will always be fond of reminiscing for the rest of your lives.

Disclosure: This is a guest post, not written by me, and I received compensation to post it.


  1. Great tips, thanks!! My mom's top advice was to buy a dress I could later on wear (aka, don't get a wedding gown, go with a white dress you can wear at another location, or dye so it doesn't look too bridal-y).

  2. Sounds like you have it covered! I have some friends who ordered their dresses from China, but that had to be done very early, due to shipping/customs. They saved a bundle!

  3. Interesting tips - I would definitely recommend an off season and off day wedding (friday's and sunday's are generally cheaper) as well as DIY decor, sample dresses that bridal shops often discount and pare back the flowers

  4. These are great tips for couples under budget. Doing a lot of DIY decors may require a lot of time, but that makes it fun. Employ the help of friends and family. :)


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