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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This boy keeps us on our toes...

Well it seems like Jude is going to be our “reaction” kid when it comes to medicine. 

This is a picture of our Turtle at the doctor yesterday. 

Notice the GIANT red mark on his left thigh?  Yup, that is why we were at the doctor’s office.  On Saturday we had our annual trip to the Flu Shot Clinic.  I got mine and Jude was next.  He freaked out of course, but overall did great.  We went on with our weekend as usual.  No big deal.  BUT by Sunday night we looked at his thigh and got concerned.  The area that the flu shot was given was getting rather red and swollen.  I decided to be “Dr. Mom” and drew a circle around the edge of the red mark.  I told Jeremy if it got any bigger on Monday we were going to call the Doctor.  Well it did get bigger…almost a 5 inch area.  He never complained or anything but we decided to go get it checked.

Sure enough he was diagnosed with Cellulitis and is on antibiotics now.  Poor guy!   Hopefully these antibiotics help quickly and that spot can go away.  For now though, he likes his TATTOO that mommy drew on him!  ;)  HA!  Silly guy. 

Let’s just hope we do not end up with a Turtle that looked like this once?  Long time readers…remember this face!?!?!  HA!  This was in August 2011.  Just over a year old.   

This is Jude after we found out he was allergic to the “Cillin” meds.  Yikes!  Thankfully he looks way better this time.  ;)  

  Jude is always keeping us on our toes!  Oh the joys of Parenthood!


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  1. That was good you drew around the border! Glad it's something simple and easy to fix. Why are they giving the shot in his leg? At 1 year + we give in the deltoid on arms just like in adults!


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