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Friday, October 4, 2013

Gifts Ideas for a 1 Year Old Girl

Tonight Jeremy and I get a date night!  YAY!!  Guess what we are going to do?  Eat a fast dinner and then go shopping!!  Shopping for Teagan who will be turning ONE in 16 days!!!!!  AHHH!!  How is that possible?
So what is on our list for tonight? 
This is harder for Teagan than it was for Jude.  This time around we have so many toys already but I do believe that every child needs their own toys so we will be buying her some new toys even if we have similar ones from Jude. 

First up, the boring stuff.  Clothes!!  I found an adorable winter coat for her at Target!  I love it. It is so cute and purple!!  We will also get her some jammies for the winter.


Her “big” gift from us is her first SHOW!  Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music is coming to Denver in November!  When she sees Elmo in books or on TV she gets so happy and excited…not to mention that she is a music baby just like Jude so she dances any time she hears music.  So we think this experience will be so fun for her!  Jude will benefit from her gift but that’s okay!  ;)    To go with her tickets I found a cute Elmo shirt for her to wear to the show.  Cute!!

Here are some other things on our list:

A cell phone of some sort!  Teagan loves playing telephone, especially with my iphone!  LOL!

Violet the Dog – this will be a gift to Teagan from Jude.  He loves his Scout Dog so we thought this was perfect for Teagan.

Some sort of ride along toy…either the Cozy Coupe or another fun car.

An Elmo stuffy!  Well you know…cuz she loves Elmo!

Possibly a Water Table…obviously we are out of the water season here in Colorado but for next year. 
So that is our list.  Hopefully we are successful tonight and get it done quickly! 

What are you getting your One Year old?  What was your One Year olds favorite gift? 


  1. We have that problem approaching with our third kid especially since we already have a girl and therefore "girl" toys. She was also born about a month after Christmas so I have to really make sure I have gifts for both. I like the pink cozy coupe.

  2. Great gifts! We got Ethan some of his own board books and also decided to get him his own cozy coupe as well because it's SO popular with all the kids!

  3. My one year olds fav gift was the wrapping and bows. But one of my daughters favorite things a sandbox.


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