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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Meets Toy Story

Wow!  We did a lot of early Halloween Celebrating last weekend.  It was a ton of fun and I know that both kids had a great time.  Ready for LOTS of pictures of my adorable kiddos dressed up???  

Yeah I thought so!!

This year Jude picked out our costumes so we obliged.  It is actually a really fun theme...thanks Jude!!
Meet Ham, Jessie and Buzz LightYear.  We are all ready for Boo at the Zoo at the Denver Zoo!  This has become a family tradition for us so we were really excited for nice weather!
The best part about Boo at the Zoo is that we still get to visit the animals AND get candy!  You have to wonder what these animals think about all these people watching them in costumes!  
Teagan er I am Jessie playing the drums and not letting go of her Trick or Treat bucket!  She is so funny.  She just held onto her bucket the whole time.  She knew what she was doing for sure!!  Also...check out the PINK boots! 
We got to meet up with Jude's "future girlfriend" Caroline too.  These 2 are 10 days apart and have been buddies since birth.  Too cute!!

It was a busy weekend for sure...next up Trunk or Treat at Jude's school. 

Teagan and his buddy Hayden matched!!  We didn't even plan this!  Woody and Buzz had a great time Trick or Treating together.  I love that Jude has some great friends to have fun with.  
I love this picture!!  They are checking out each other's LOOT!!  CANDY!!!
Her is Jessie holding her bucket again.  I think by this point she was exhausted and just not sure why we kept putting this silly costume on her and made her carry candy.  So cute though!
Oh yeah...I dressed up too!!  Meet Mrs. Potato Head!  I am hoping that on Halloween we can get a couple family photos as a Toy Story family.  

We love this time of the year!  

So in total we will have done 4 Trick or Treating outings by the time Halloween is over...candy for years!!!  

How many outings will your family do this year?



  1. ADORABLE costumes!! We have a family 'theme' with our costumes this year, too!! So fun! And YES...you MUST get a family pic!!

  2. My son was that Buzz 2 years ago! Ham's costume is mighty creative! :-)

  3. Lovely costumes, they are really two little angels!

  4. OMG they are so adorable! What super cute costumes! looks like a lot of fun! xx

  5. Cute costumes. My daughter is toy story fanatic so i guess I should have got her a Jesse costume!


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