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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Keeping that Fresh+Sexy Feeling #FreshNSexy

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Fresh and Sexy wipes #ad #shop #cbias #FreshNSexy

10 years, 2 states, 2 degrees, 4 homes, new jobs, 1 major surgery, and 2 kids later - do you think we still keep it Fresh and Sexy every day?  HA!  
I will let you use your imagination but I am about ready to get REAL with you all.  

Life, Work and Parenthood.  
Those 3 things play a huge part in our intimate life.  Mostly Parenthood.  Sure we have been married for 10 years (YAY US!) doesn't mean we do not want less alone time with each other but it does mean that in those 10 years we have many changes to overcome and work through.  

Honestly, Parenthood is what gets me.  I adore my children, they are my everything but when I am in "parent mode" I have a really hard time getting into fresh and sexy mode!  I hope I am not alone here....

Enter these beauties:
Fresh and Sexy wipes #ad #shop #cbias #FreshNSexy

I am going to be completely honest here, I would have never thought that these wipes would help me feel more confident, ready and fresh after a day of playing Mom.  Playing Mom is full of activities that make me feel blah!   
Fresh and Sexy wipes #ad #shop #cbias #FreshNSexy
I now keep these sweet little packages in my bedside drawer, purse and bathroom cabinet.  They are my (and my husbands) instant Parenthood Eraser in our bedroom.  Easy to conceal and use with out anyone knowing that you are simply making sure you keep up with your good hygiene before AND after sex.  Yes after...TMI - I HATE that feeling after sex.  It isn't romantic, it isn't perfect, it isn't sexy but these goodies make me feel Fresh and Sexy in seconds!  
Perfect for vacation and traveling too.    

Maybe we found our trick to help us keep our marriage in the intimacy lane for years to come?  I sure do love checking Parenthood at the door and enjoying feeling confident, loved - Fresh and Sexy!  
Fresh and Sexy wipes #ad #shop #cbias #FreshNSexy
I cannot wait to use these for more than for those secret intimate times.  These would be perfect after a work out - especially if you do not have time to jump in shower before a work meeting, gymnastics class or grocery shopping.  

Now that I have my after work out hygiene covered I guess I should think about getting to a well yeah, maybe next week! 

How do you make sure you and your partner continue to feel Fresh and Sexy with each other?



  1. Every little trick helps, eh?

  2. Thanks for sharing such a private part of your life. I find it's so hard to switch from "mom" to "wife". Maybe these would help - love that you called them parenthood erasers!

  3. This is actually really cool and I want some now!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed that you had the guts to blog about this. LOL!

    1. I was thinking the same...I blushed the whole way through, but it is a neat product!

  5. Such a cute pic of you two!! =) Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Heidi. :)


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