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Friday, October 18, 2013

Little Pim Spanish Discovery Review

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When I was first contacted to do a review of Little Pim I had to google it.  I was unsure what Little Pim was all about.  The moment I got the answer I was so excited to get our package in the mail and start the Little Pim practice.  

Little Pim is about learning languages.  Second or even third languages using flash cards, books and videos.   Little Pim is the most sophisticated language-learning tool on the market for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  Ages 0-6 is what their videos are geared towards.  Perfect for our home!  

Little Pim currently offers Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese, English/ESL with English subtitles, and English/ESL with Spanish subtitles.

So when we got our 3 set DVD in Spanish I was ready to throw one in the DVD right away.  So we did....
Both kiddos were entertained!  Jude watched the whole DVD even though it was in Spanish and he started repeating the words that were being shown and repeated using pictures.  Teagan watched too but not as focused...not surprising.  I really like that these DVDs use the total Immersion technique.  I was taught Spanish that way in school and I believe it was the only way I would have learned a second language!  
I am pleased with this set.  We have only watched the 1st DVD but we intend on using this Language learner for both of our kids.  Jeremy and I both believe that knowing an additional language is only a benefit to our kids. 

Little Pim has many options to choose from when decided on the products you would like to use.  I would like to order some flash cards for Jude as well.  I feel like the flash cards would be a good item to carry with us for when we need a distraction in traffic or a restaurant.

Little Pim is engaging and fun for kids ages 0-6.  Great option for learning a second language!!  I will be recommending this series to my other mommy friends for Christmas!    

Do you plan on teaching your children a second OR third language?  If so, what is your plan?

Disclosure:  I received a DVD set from Little Pim free of charge in exchange for my review of their products.  My review is my own personal opinion and it has not been swayed due to received items



  1. I would definitely like to teach him Hungarian, but that will be his Papi's job. And certainly he will learn french in school - hopefully we can reinforce it at home

  2. Very cute! My kids are learning Mandarin and ASL :)

  3. That is so adorable, it's amazing how easy it is for kids to learn a new language!


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