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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teagan's 1 Year Pictures

Just like with Jude we have had Teagan's pictures taken every 3 months.  This is what I love about that!  Creating a great framed piece for our living room!  So cute!!  Don't you love it?

All of these pictures were taken at our local Target Photo.

And now for photo overload!  

Enter Tutu Cuteness!!!

Painted and Decoupaged T from:  Oaklea Cottage Designs

And now: SMASH CAKE!!!

Headbands from:  Sweetheart Boutique 

Once again we are pleased with our pictures from Target.  For the price it is great.  



  1. No way you could pick a favorite, those are fantastic!!!

  2. Super cute - love them! Her tutu is so cute too. Happy Birthday little girl!

  3. lol oh my gosh - I LOVE the one with icing all over her face

  4. Such beautiful pictures! I love how cute your baby is :) These are awesome!

  5. she is such a sweetheart...quite frankly I can't believe you got such great pictures at a Target!


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