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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Puzzle Piece Fall Tree Craft

I love this time of the year!!  Fall is my very favorite season!  I am excited to share this craft with you all.  Jude had so much fun (3 years old) so it is perfect for Preschool - 1st grade age in my opinion.  

1 puzzle that has fall like colors.  I found one with 1000 pieces, perfect for a classroom!
White Construction Paper
Black felt sheet
Green Crayons

1.  First you will trace the child's hand and forearm onto the felt sheet.  
2.  Cut out the traced arm/hand.
3.  Glue the felt to the white construction paper.
4.  Color the Grass/Ground under your tree.
5.  Using the puzzle pieces and glue - start creating leaves that are falling from your Fall Tree. 
6.  Have fun creating a one of a kind art piece with puzzle pieces!!



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