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Monday, October 7, 2013

Walmart Family Mobile: Lowest Price Rate Plan

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Walmart Family Mobile #cbias #ad #shop #FamilyMobileSaves

It shouldn't surprise any of my readers that as a family we are trying desperately to save money these days. Due to some overwhelming and ongoing medical bills we are having to cut corners and cut back in general.

When I sit down and think about that task it is heartbreaking, especially as the Holidays approach.  I do not want to have to cut on gifts for my special kiddos.  So what does a family do in this situation?  You sit down and look at what monthly bills you pay every month.  One of the bills that I HATE paying monthly is our cell phone bill.  It is is a lot of money but we have to have phones so I pay that bill every month!

When I first started searching for a Cheap Wireless Plan I never would have thought to look at Walmart but I am glad I did.  Our current wireless bill comes to almost 170 dollars a month for 2 lines, unlimited talk, text and web.  Yikes!  That is a lot of money.
Walmart Family Mobile #cbias #ad #shop #FamilyMobileSaves

Here are the details on what I found when shopping for the Best Wireless plan at Walmart and found the Walmart Family Mobile powered by T-Mobile.  
  • No annual contract
  • No overages
  • No credit check
  • Pay at the register and activate at home! 
  • $25.00 to activate.
  • Service billed monthly
  • T-Mobile's Nationwide Network
  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Web
All of this for JUST $39.88 per month!!  When we saw this we were floored.  Let's do a comparison.  

Right now we pay $170.00 a month for our services.  If we switched both of our lines to Walmart Family Mobile we would have a bill of $74.76!  Just about a $100 dollar difference!  Amazing!!

Walmart Family Mobile #cbias #ad #shop #FamilyMobileSaves

Now what could we do with that $100 dollars every month?
  • Pay medical bills.
  • Put an additonal $50 in each of Jude's and Teagan's savings.
  • Start our Holiday shopping!
  • Enjoy a night out.
  • Pay off the car faster!
  • Buy a freezer for the garage!
Now you are probably thinking that this plan won't let you have a "cool" smart phone...wrong.  One of my conditions if we changed plans was to still have a great phone that let me cruise online, let Jude play games, text and blog!  I found it.  I have the T-Mobile Concord.  The Concord is a great looking phone that is 3G and Wi-Fi capable, has a great 2MP camera and a nice looking large touchscreen.  

Walmart Family Mobile #cbias #ad #shop #FamilyMobileSaves
Pictured:  T-Mobile Concord {Android}

While saving money is great and I also really excited about the NO CONTRACT policy with Walmart Family Mobile.  I'm getting honest with you here...we do not know what to expect with Jeremy's health in the next 3 months.  There is a possibility that he might have to be put on unpaid medical leave again due to some complications.  What a relief to be able to scrap our phones if he does stop getting a pay check.  Just another way to protect our family during these holiday months.      

I am pleased with our shopping experience at Walmart and happy with our purchase.  I know that this switch will help our family during this holiday season not feel so stretched!  What a relief!  Please follow my entire #FamilyMobileSaves experience by viewing my Google+ Album.  

Thank you #FamilyMobileSaves for making our holiday season just a little brighter and happier!  



  1. So good to know there are better options out there. My plan is so expensive! Also, I do like android phones more than I thought I would. Cool post!

  2. Interesting! I didn't even know they had plans like that.

  3. I have tried this service out too and have been impressed. It's a great alternative to the expensive 2 year contracts!

  4. While I have a lot of trouble supporting Walmart, I do appreciate the fact that they can make something like this that's especially affordable for larger families.

  5. What a great plan, I am not usually a Walmart shopper but this might make me take the trip

  6. Great post!!! Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client


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