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Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Shopping is a Breeze with MasterCard #MasterPass #MC

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  I have been compensated to share my experience with you by Collective Bias and their client, MasterCard. 

Time to start thinking about what you are going to get one of the most important people in your life for Christmas!  No not your husband or mom but your BFF! Here are my ideas to fit my BFF's lifestyle.  This girl is all about accessories!  Shopping with her means lots of time in the accessory department! 

#MasterPass #MC

See anything you love? 
#MasterPass #MC MasterCard MasterPass

MasterPass by MasterCard has made my holiday shopping even easier for 2013.  If you are a MasterCard holder you too can have an easier time shopping for those hard to buy people on your holiday lists.  When I first heard of MasterPass I was very excited to hear that J-Crew was on THE list of MasterPass participating stores.  

This is my BFF Lauren and me on our girls getaway earlier this year.  She is my bestest friend.  I love her and when it comes to Christmas Gifts I know exactly what she wants.  New accessories!  Totally Lauren!  
I knew that J-Crew had the items that my BFF loves and that meant it was time to go shopping!  Do you love J-Crew?  I do, I could look at their items all day and dream about what I want to buy!!

So here is the deal with MasterPass...EASY to set up.
#MasterPass #MC MasterCard MasterPass
MasterCard makes it simple to sign up for MasterPass too.  Simply follow the instructions and then boom you can shop until you drop - right from your computer!  I love this idea because I can really manage what I am spending on each of the people I need to buy gifts for.  This year my husband and I are all about the Christmas Budget!  
#MasterPass #MC MasterCard MasterPass
MasterPass has a lot of options to choose from for your shopping needs.  I liked that I could search for certain items and have them pop up with stores that would have those items!  Easy enough.  

Like I said above, J-Crew was on my list for my BFF.  I clicked on J-Crew and started finding the perfect gifts for her. 

I was able to find Two items that fit my BFF perfectly.  Some amazing Wool Glittens (PS I want a pair please!) and some super cute and comfy socks!  Great items for a great price too.  Thanks to a J-Crew online coupon I was able to save $5.00 too!  Bonus!#MasterPass #MC MasterCard MasterPass

I also found some great toys for Jude and Teagan (more awesome deals!) at a Giant Online Toy Store!  Great finds...oh and a Candy outlet too!  MasterPass has a lot of stores joining their MasterPass force! I cannot wait to see who else I can easily shop with soon!

Check out is really easy with MasterPass.  I didn't need to run to my wallet to get my MasterCard or anything.  Just simply reviewed my purchase and paid with MasterPass.  

One more gift bought and checked off my list for 2013!  Easy, Safe and Secure.  

Now that I know how easy MasterPass makes it, I know I will be buying a lot more of my holiday shopping list this way. No crowds, no lines and no stress BUT tons of deals!  I think this is one way I can manage my money and my time better this holiday season.  

Lauren and I always have fun shopping together but since we do not live in the same state we sometimes have to shop this way.  While it is easy - Thanks to MasterPass - I do miss my girl because we do some crazy things we go shopping together! 


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  1. LOVE the boots and bracelet that you selected for her in your Polyvore set!


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