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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Elf on the Shelf - Peppermint is Ready!

So you all met Peppermint our Elf on the Shelf a couple days ago.  I announced that he was new to our family and that we would be "playing" the magic this year for the first time!  I am excited and nervous!  Yes nervous, I want it to be perfect - which means I went searching for ideas for Peppermint.  I like what I have found so far and now cannot wait to start!  
In respect of the Turkey we will be having Peppermint visit Jude and Teagan for the first time on the morning after Thanksgiving Day.  I cannot wait!!  

Check out the great ideas I have planned for Mr. Peppermint the Elf this year! 

Find These Ideas Here:

A Few Short Cuts:  Elf has a Cup of Tea

The Sweatman Family:  Elf holds Baby Jesus

Rocking My 365 Project:  Elf goes on Vacation

A Grande Life:  Elf Idea Calendar 2013

Poofy Cheeks:  Elf finds a Pillow

Sortrature:  Elf Finds a Game Buddy

Frugal Coupon Living:  Date Night for Elf

Rocking My 365 Project:  Message from Santa

A Grande Life:  New Outfit for Elf

Other Great Elf on the Shelf Collections:
More Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Toddlers and Young children! #christmas
(source - Terrell Family Fun)

Elf On The Shelf Ideas
(Source:  Daily Leisure)

With all of these great collections and ideas I think we are set!  I cannot wait to share with you all what Peppermint does and how Jude and Teagan react!  All I can hope is that MAYBE Peppermint will help us a little with our Terrible Three issues!  FINGERS CROSSED!



  1. Thanks for including my post - love your ideas - I can't wait for Ho Ho (our elf) to return this year for Lennox!

    Do you have movie? It's usually on TV early in the season and we DVR it - we still have it actually! It's super cute.

  2. I'll have to see how creative I wanna be....I'm not busting out our Elf until Dec 1!

  3. Love Elf!! Such great holiday fun.

  4. Fun ideas! I'm working on my own Elf round-up, too. The pressure is on to impress the kids ;-)

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

  5. I'm going to be starting this tradition with my young kids this year too! I'm going to wait until the first Sunday in Advent for him to appear. Still have to think of some good names though....

  6. Love your ideas! Thank you for including a couple of our elf's mischievous ideas :)


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