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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Meet Peppermint the Elf

Peppermint the Elf 

Peppermint the Elf is the newest addition to our family.  We are playing the game this year!  I am excited and Jeremy is creeped out.  He thinks this game is pretty weird.  

Whatever...if it helps Jude get into the Santa spirit I am totally in.  

This age is unbelievable.  Jude's imagination runs wild and I love it.  So now that we have the Elf we need to have him drop by and tell Jude all about the work he does and then start the nightly visits.  Which means I need to get creative!  Yikes!!

Please share with me how you introduced your Elf to your child and how you explained the magic that happens every night.  I would love some pointers! 

We are going to start the day after Thanksgiving - is that a normal start date for you too?

I cannot wait to see Jude's excitement every morning!



  1. We did this last year. Paige was a bit young, she thought it was cool to see Emma the first few mornings but after that, it wore off. I made sure we grabbed her from storage so I'm excited to re-introduce her this year, the morning after Thanksgiving!

    Last year, we wrapped the book/elf package up, and typed up a letter from Santa. We read the book to her and explained that Emma went to Santa last night so she's sleeping in a different spot then where she was last night.

  2. So fun! we brought our elf out last year, but didn't really do anything with him. This year though, I think Lincoln will be totally into it!

  3. We started it last year when my son was 4-he also has a wild imagination! He LOVED it!!! We had a blast finding creative ways to hide him and it works like a charm for behavior

  4. Peppermint the Elf looks so sooo cute! ♥♥♥

  5. What a classic! We actually might do it this year since my son is a little older now.


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