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Friday, November 29, 2013

Montessori Reflections for November #Montessori #Preschool

November Montessori Reflections:

Another month has come and gone - it really amazes me how fast school goes as a parent.  I remember school dragging on as a child but man I cannot believe that next week is December already!  

A couple days ago we got a postcard from Jude's teacher, she thanked us for letting her be Jude's teacher.  What a great thing to come home to.  She also commented on how she can see his love for school and how much he has grown in the last couple of months.  Ahh!  I love hearing that.  I see it too!  Jude loves when it is a school day and he really has changed in many ways since August.  

This month he has learned a lot of new songs that he will be singing for his school Christmas Program in December.  I am so excited to see him and his classmates singing songs!  So cute.  

He actually had a classmate added to his class. So now he has 7 boys and 1 girl in his class.  A really great size for this age!  He loves his classmates, he already has a small group of buddies that he talks about after school.  Adorable!  

He was very excited to get many new lessons this month.  Some that are branching outside of the Practical Life area.  He has enjoyed painting, pinching, cutting and punching lessons recently.  All of these lessons are so great for hand eye coordination and I can see his brain working so hard on concentrating when we do these activities at home too.  

November was full of new lessons and lots of preparation for his Christmas Program.  I am once again reminded at how much we love this way of teaching when I see him practice some of his lessons in real life.  

As an example:  we had a pair of tongs in a bowl of chicken tenders at a party we were hosting.  I noticed that he was messing around with the tongs and questioned him.  He simply turned to me and said "Mommy I am pinching - I learned this in school!  I pinch the chicken nuggets!"  That made me back away and take it all in.  This 3 year old was putting his lessons to use in real life.  Education WIN!!  

I would love to hear how your children are doing in school so far this school year? 


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  1. Love these school updates. Another blogger is sending her son to a montisorri preschool and has had positive stories also. I have basically convinced my husband this is the way to go for our daughter too. I just feel she would thrive in that environment.


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