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Friday, November 1, 2013

Montessori Reflections for October #Montessori #Preschool

October Montessori Reflections:

Unbelievable that October is already over!  It was a fun month for Jude at school…time to look back.

Library time.  He loves it.  He is finally understanding how fun it is to pick out a different book every week and get to exchange it for a new one every Thursday during school.  At first he was bringing home the SAME book every week.  Silly boy. 

Instead of Parent Teacher Conferences for the 1st semester his teacher did a “Parent Learn Montessori” workshop evening with the other Montessori teachers at the school.  Jeremy and I went to this evening event and left with a lot more understanding of the Montessori teaching process and just the lessons that the children go through.  I think the most eye opening thing I learned at this event was how the teacher allows the child to do the learning.  Let me explain this better…if Jude wants to stay in practical life for most of the morning that is fine, as long as he is doing more than one “work”.  They do not push the kids to do certain lessons or work.  They are learning at their own pace.  I love this.  Jude is young in his class and I often worry about that affecting him but this process means he doesn't feel the pressure to do anything but learn.  It was really interesting to be in his classroom and see and do some of the great work and lessons he gets to do! 

Singing in church!  Jude got to sing with his classmates in the church attached to his school.  He did great.  He did all the actions and was very proud of himself when he returned to his seat.  It is a lot of fun to see him do such “big kid” things. 

Harvest Party!  I am the Room Mom of his classroom and I was in charge of planning the Harvest Party.  It went great!  We did a fun craft and had some Caramel Apples and pretzels for snacks and then read a great story about how a pumpkin can be a light of God.  Great story for the Christian side of Halloween.  It was a lot of fun to see all of Jude’s classmates and see them work together and have fun.  Adorable!! 

October was another great month for Jude.  I am once again so thankful for our decision to send him to this school so he can have the Montessori experience.  It isn't just school – it is building his character and his life skills.  


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