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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Peanut Free Snack Ideas

Disclosure:  I am not a doctor or an allergist. Read your labels and check with manufacturers if concerned.  

My children do not have any Peanut or Tree Nut Allergies (Thankfully!) However, we are affected by these allergies now.  One of Jude's Preschool Classmate has a Peanut Allergy - so scary.  I was never really aware of how many foods contain some sort of Nut.  When trying to decide on the perfect Preschool Snack I was stumped.  I did not want Jude's buddy to feel different when Jude brought snack so I starting researching some perfect preschool Peanut and Tree Nut free snacks!  

Reading Labels:
Some manufacturers clearly state if a product has peanut or tree nuts in it but others you really have to search.  So frustrating, I really cannot imagine grocery shopping for families with these allergies.  

These are the alerts to look for:
May Contain Peanut or Tree Nuts
Processed on equipment with Peanuts or Tree Nuts
Manufactured in a plant with Peanut or Tree Nuts
Contains Peanut or Tree Nut Ingredients.  

If you find any products with those warnings - do not buy if you are looking for Peanut and Tree Nut FREE items. 

Now for some SAFE Preschool Snacks I have found.

~Fruit or Veggies are always great.  Fresh is better!  You could even add Dips for the fruit and veggies.  Look for T 'Marzetti's Ranch Dip and T'Marzetti's Carmel Fruit Dip.  Yum!  One item that Jude requests a lot is Raisins.  Kids love those usually!

~Dairy Snacks.  Go-gurts are a hit!!  String Cheese - check labels, go for the Sargento Brand!

~Cereal and Cereal Bars.  Alpha Bits is a favorite of mine because of the learning that can go with the letter shapes.  Nutra Grain Bars are also a great option.  

~Cookies - yes sometimes you have to bring a cookie for snack!  Zoo Animal Crackers by Austin are perfect.  Even in snack size packages.  Annie's Bunny Grahams are also safe and so good!  And if you want to be the favorite snack mom - bring Oreos!  SAFE!

~Crackers - Jude's favorite!  Goldfish!  Even the colored ones are safe!  

~Don't forget Pretzels - be careful to read labels.  I have found that Rold Gold are the best.  Rods and twists are safe.  Add in some chips too.  Frito Lay label all their products clearly!  

~For those classroom parties you can even find some great candy and sweets that the kiddos love.  Go for Twizzlers, Skittles,  Mike and Ike and Smarties.  All SAFE!  All good!  

Those are my ideas and while this is a short list I think it is helpful to have these items on hand for snack days for us. Thankfully the only allergy we have had with food is BLACKBERRIES.  Jude got spots and we haven't tried them since.  

Do you have any allergies you have to watch for?  



  1. Thanks for sharing this! A little boy that was in my daughter's kindergarten class and is now in her first grade class too, has a nut & egg allergy!

  2. Good idea for a post! We don't have any nut allergies in our family but Lennox's school is nut free!

  3. Oh I love this, when I worked at a preschool and a daycare we had children in our class with peanut allergies. Parents were always asking what to pack because of it. This is so helpful, and all very healthy. Thanks for sharing

  4. good article! I can't hazelnuts, gluten, dairy or yeast!

  5. Go-Gurt and fruit is what I send during my daughters birthday to school. Easy on kids allergies and I don't risk getting in trouble for homemade items.!


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