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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Merino Kids Sleep Sack Review

I am pretty sure that everyone who has young children know about the NO blanket rule for sleeping for babies and young children...right?  Just a part of having a baby - you think about anything that COULD hurt your children while they sleep away from you.  Because of this issue we as a society needed something that was safe for babies and toddlers to sleep with to keep them warm.  

We live in Colorado.  It gets rather chilly at night here.  Enter the world of Sleep Sacks by Merino Kids.  I often thought that only my BABY would need a sleep sack but I was wrong.  We use sleep sacks with Jude still during the winter - even at 3 years old.  Not necessarily because of the NO blanket rule but because he kicks his blankets off and in the middle of the night he wakes up frozen!  

I love Merino Kids' Toddler Sleep Sacks because they think about kids who aren't infants anymore.  The size that we use for Jude, who happens to be off the charts as far as height and weight, is the Toddler Size.  It fits perfectly and should for this winter and probably next as well. 

We will continue to use these Sleep Sacks for Teagan as well!  I often recommend the Merino Kids Sleep Sacks to new parents because the quality is great as well.  These Sacks are Sleep Sacks that will last for multiple kids for sure! 

Do you have any cold weather sleeping tips for parents?  

Disclosure:  I was given a free Merino Kids Sleep Sack for my review.  These are my opinions are not swayed by the gift of the Sleep Sack. 


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  1. This is pretty cool idea. ya when they are little it is easy to do the baby burrito but they can get tangled up!


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