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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teagan Meets 13 Months

This girl is 13 months!  She is quite the little lady too.

Things to Remember:

~Teagan is just like Jude - ON THE GO all the time.  She is walking all the time now, no more crawling for this toddler.
~She really is more advanced that Jude was at this age.  She is certainly learning a lot from her cousins and Jude and it isn't all good!  ;)
~She has a lot of words already:  Mommy, Daddy, Apple, Banana, Hi, Bye, Kitty, Teagie, Elmo, and Bear.
~She is a squealer - we are not fans of this!
~She is sleeping better but it really goes from night to night.  Some nights she sleeps in her crib all night.  Other nights she ends up in the Pack n Play that has become a permanent fixture in our living room.  Better than her sleeping in our bed though!
~She only uses a bottle before bed.
~On 2% milk now.
~Eats most of what we do.  Loves Chicken!
~Size 4 Diapers. Wears clothes size 12 months. 

This really is a great age.  Although at times I feel like Teagan is a 2 year old in a 1 year old body!  Yikes!    


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  1. So cute! Completely curious question - why not on whole milk and on 2%? Different recommendations now?


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