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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Terrible Threes?

So there is this little boy named Jude that we love and adore.  He is a kind, sweet, gentle, caring and smart boy.  He can also be rough, loud, chaotic and frustrating.

Jude.  Mr. Jude.  You are my son and I want to know when this phase of the Terrible Twos Threes will be done!!
This adorable little guy is struggling, especially in the last couple of weeks.  Jeremy and I are doing our best to ride through and use teachable moments but there are days that we just let the tantrums happen because what else can you do??  I do think who ever started THE TERRIBLE TWOS are crazy...TWO was great!  Three...yikes!!

Jude is really wanting to be independent and I really like that but that is when we see the most frustration, melt downs and tantrums.  It's like we cannot be on the same page as Jude.  

My child on Sunday morning was the child up at Communion throwing a fit at the alter (we are talking laying on the ground kicking and yelling!) because I helped him off the step.  HE WANTED TO DO IT HIMSELF!!  I didn't know that.  So I was the mother looking out at the congregation looking at this child throwing a made for TV tantrum and smiling and hoping they all would understand.  They did thankfully.  And Jude later said  "everyone was looking at me!"  Um yeah son...everyone was looking at your mother too!!  HA! 

So here we are.  Dealing with the Terrible Threes.  I am trying to keep calm and positive because I know how fast this will pass.
Tell me it will get better!!  AHHHH!!!

I have decided to use my friend Jamie's description of a Three Year Olds - 




  1. I have no idea if it will get better, but know that I am right there beside you struggling through this crap...praying for an end to come into sight! :)

  2. some kids are challenging through all ages, I have a terrible 5 right now

  3. Welcome to the threenager year! It can be awful at times. Braden's peaked at 3 years 4 months and has (for the most part) left the building when he was 3 years 7 months!

  4. We also call our daughter a threenager. It's crazy but it has gotten better now that she's passed the half year mark.


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