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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Working Mom x2

As of October 21st 2013 I am a Working Mom x2!

I picked up a part-time job a couple weeks ago in order to have a little more income in our hands.  To put it bluntly we are struggling, we are not doing well financially, we are stressed with the medical bills and credit card debt that are both growing daily.  

It seems fake.  I never envisioned us in this position a couple years ago.  I would have never guessed.  If I could have guessed it we would have been more careful with our money too.  Lesson learned...

So here we are.  Working it and finding any way to save pennies while we figure out Jeremy's health and our bills.  I am very thankful that I was able to pick up such a flexible part-time job as well.  While it isn't a ton of money or a ton of hours, at this point any thing will truly help our family.  

So if you see me and I look tired, stressed, dazed and know why!  I am trying to stay positive but mostly I am scared.  I would like life to just chill for a day.  

I know this is a saying that a lot of people use and I am trying to think like it daily!!



  1. What a perfect saying! I am sorry to here about all of your troubles. Know that you are not alone! We are in the same boat. But I know we will always have what we need. God is good.

  2. Love the Quote! It's great that you were able to get a job with the job market the way it is lately.


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