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Friday, December 27, 2013

Keeping it Cool with Norton and Mobile Security #SmartSecurity

I am sure you have a virus protection on your computer or laptop correct?  But have you considered smartphone and WiFi security?   Norton is known for their amazing virus protection you can buy for your computers but now it is time to jump to the reality.  You use your smartphone for more now.  Which means you expose yourself to more as well.  Time to seriously think about mobile security...NOW!
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I am an iPhone addict...there I admitted it.  I have to have my phone.  I like being connected.  I like being able to access my email, Facebook and blog with a click of a button while I sit at the doctor's office or stand in line at Starbucks.  It is life.  I also like having the option to quickly purchase movie tickets, gifts or pay a bill while I wait to pick up Jude from school!  While all of these things seem innocent, they actually open my family and me up for some very smart person to take my information!  Yikes!

So what have I done to protect my phone and my husband's phone?  I downloaded Norton's Mobile Software...easy enough! 
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My phone and Jeremy's phone is now protected!  Norton's Mobile Security software has a lot to offer.  When you buy their software all of your devices are covered.  We have both phones covered under one account.  Another feature that I am really excited about is that it helps you recover all of your devices - you know because it is scary when you loose your phone in the pit of your messy purse!  Okay, that was just Mom Brain. 
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Our personal information is so important.  It is the worst feeling when you know that someone out there knows WAY too much information about you and your family.  My mom and dad had this happen to them recently.  They were taken advantage of and it was the worst feeling for me to see my parents go through such fear.  My dad's computer was literally taken over and all of their information was on their computer.  We immediately stepped up and had everything shut down and new cards was heartbreaking and scary.  Seeing how easy it was for that to happen has made me realize how important a great mobile security software is!  Norton's Mobile Security software also stops private information access and protects against digital access.  

Did you know that more than 1/3 of smartphone users have experienced a mobile cybercrime (2013 Norton Report).   That fact makes me really think about my usage and my security!
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So here it is!  I am protected!  I feel like using the Norton smartphone security software will just help us keep our sanity and our security!

Another great feature that Norton is offering is a Hot Spot Privacy option.  This helps you keep all of your important information private while using hot spots.  Protects against online identity theft, keeps user names and passwords safe, and prevents hacking.  All features that we often forget about when we are just surfing on our smartphone.  Both the Mobile Security and Hot Spot Privacy are great products to consider investing in for all of your devices. 
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Gotcha interested?  Well how about you try both of these options for 30 days for FREE!  Hello!  Free peace of mind, free security and free sanity! 

Use these links for your offers:
Norton's Mobile Security - Free 30 Day Trial
Norton's Hotspot Privacy - Free 30 Day Trial

Happy Surfing and Working with lots of Security!



  1. Thanks for this post! Never really thought about needing security for my phone but this makes sooo much sense!

  2. I had never thought of norton on my phone - good idea! thanks for sharing :)

  3. That definitely looks easy to install! And such a necessity too! #client

  4. This is so timely! My virus protection just expired! Thank you!

  5. Losing the phone in your purse?! Yep, totally a mom move, I've been there, done that too many time!:) #client


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