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Thursday, December 5, 2013

BioArmor Phone Case Review and Giveaway

I might be slightly obsessed with my iPhone.  I am also pretty aware that the amount that I do mess with it, play with it, let Teagan chew on it {yup I am THAT mom} and talk on it probably means I carry a lot of things around on that little iPhone that I really wouldn't want to see under a microscope.  


Enter BioArmor Phone Cases.  These cases are made in the USA {YAY!} and can really help prevent the growth and spread of microbes on your cell phone case. Hello! How perfect is that statement for something that we put our mouth near every day? We have had a lot of sick days in our home already this winter and it is barely even winter. I think a lot about the microbes that hang out on my phone and wonder if I was more careful I could prevent those sick days.

BioArmor explains that the products they use to make the cases are like ‘cake batter’. The ingredients are mixed together to create a material that is antimicrobial, impact resistant, durable and made of 100% recyclable materials.  

I am not very careful with my phone either.  I need a case that will protect my phone and BioArmor creates something perfect that will not only protect the phone but also your immune system!  BONUS!  

BioArmor’s silver-ion technology is incorporated into the cell phone cases as an additive at the time of manufacture. Once it is incorporated the antimicrobial additives provide a continuous protection from microbes for the expected lifetime of the product. The silver ions in the case prevent the production of other microbes that may be on the case. The microbes eventually die because they can not reproduce. Right now, there can be up to 2,202,060 microbes living on your cell phone. BioArmor cases reduce microbes on your cell phone by 99.7%.

Facts about the BioArmor Cases:
~ BioArmor phone cases are made in the USA.~ BioArmor phone cases are made of 100% recyclable materials. ~ BioArmor is an “official” partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc®. 10% of all pink case purchases will be donated to help and support the cause. ~ Our cases are smooth and durable. ~They also pass the “pocket test” for guys and will not stick to or lift the pocket lining.

The cases are available in a number of colors.  If you have an iPhone 5 or 5s OR a Galaxy S4 you need to put these on your Christmas list.  

Shop for the BioArmor Phone Cases Here.

As a special for one of my lucky readers BioArmor wants to giveaway ONE case!  All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter form below to enter!  Good Luck!
US entries ONLY!

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  1. I saw yours the other day and liked it!! Great giveaway!

  2. Ohhhh what a great giveaway! I definitely need a new case!

  3. SO important to have these things these days.....

  4. Cell phones travel everywhere and are constantly touched, it is good to find a case that helped keep down germs and infection.

  5. Great post!!!!
    Now a USA based company also developed a anti-bacterial phone case for iphone user. which keep your iphone germ-free.


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