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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jude's 1st School Christmas Program - 2013

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending our first Christmas Program for Jude.  I have to be honest, these programs and events are one of the things that I am most excited for as a parent of a child going to school.  I love seeing all of the classes working together and of course laughing when I see MY kid jumping up and down during "Away in the Manger".  Seriously...how could you not LOVE these things?

(excuse the horrible pictures...no flash allowed and horrible lighting!)

Jude all ready to line up with his classmates!  I think he was excited but a little nervous...when I dropped him off with his teacher I got a rather tight hug!  ;)

Standing by the pretty Christmas Tree in the church.  It really is a pretty church - we haven't attended here much so it was nice to visit.

Okay, my son has his hands down his pants...good times.  Also the kid in front of him was so sad and crying.  Oh these are the moments we love!

Doing his songs.  He even remembered his hand motions.  So cute!  Also...note the crying kid.  Still sad.

After this song the congregation clapped - he then said out loud
  "Thank you, Thank you very much!"  
Oh my gosh!

Having fun!  Jude did so well.  They sang four songs and repeated some Bible verses too.  He stood there for 40 minutes!  IN ONE SPOT!  That in it self was amazing for us to watch.  

I am so happy we found a school that the teachers are amazing and that Jude is comfortable with.  I look forward to many more programs like this!  So cute!



  1. So cute! And I can't believe he stayed there for 40 minutes! We have lennox's first type of show / performance thing next month and I can't wait to see how she does!


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