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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our Visit to The Denver Firefighters Museum

We had the chance to visit The Denver Firefighters Museum as a family last weekend.  We were even able to bring Jeremy's parents who were visiting us during Jeremy's recent surgery.  It was Jeremy's first big outing since being discharged and we were all excited for a great family day.  

"The Denver Firefighters Museum is a non-profit dedicated to preserving the history of firefighting in Denver. If the heart of a great museum is its subject, then the Denver Firefighters Museum is truly one of the greatest in the world! The Museum offers not only outstanding exhibits on the history of firefighting in Denver focusing on the Denver Fire Department, but innovative and exciting hands-on activities that allow visitors to interact with the traditional exhibits. From groundbreaking state-of-the-art gallery space to engaging programs and special events, there is always something new to explore." 

So here's the thing...Jude is a total Fire Truck and Firefighter fan!  This kid is so lucky that we literally pass by a Fire Station every morning and evening!  He loves seeing if he can sneak a peek at the trucks or the firemen.  He loves it.  So this museum is perfect for him. 
Jude's favorite part about this Museum is that he gets to be a fireman for his visit.  He throws on his helmet, coat and boots and he is ready!  Grandpa had a good time getting our little fireman all set!
Ready to go!  Seriously Jude, one day just smile normal!  ;)
He told us that he was driving to a house that was on fire and it had a kid in it.  He needed to save her!  Also, hearing a 3 year old use a walkie talkie to call his "guys" to the fire - SO CUTE!
This smile says it all...he is in HEAVEN!  The museum has a lot of historical items that the kiddos are NOT to touch but then there is this truck that is for the kids to use their imaginations.  Perfect for an active kiddo like Jude.  
Another part of the museum that is great for kids a little younger than Jude is the learning center.  This center if filled with great Fire Truck and Firefighter related books.  Teagan found a couple that she loved!  Perfect for our little lady!
Aww!  Christmas time at the museum too!
Grandma helped Jude learn how to dial 9-1-1.  He won't stop talking about it.  I guess that is a good thing!  A family trip with some important education attached!
I love his smile.  This shows how much fun he is having.  At this station the kids get to pick up some of the heavy equipment used in firefighting.  I believe Grandma and Jude were having a water fight!  ;)
This girl attempted to STOP DROP and ROLL!  She didn't really get it...but the mats were a good time!  Jude, however, DID get it and it is another thing that he won't stop talking about.  Again...another educational piece to our family day out!

We really love visiting The Denver Firefighters Museum.  I think we like it because of the history, activity and theme BUT also that it isn't HUGE.  It is a museum that is great for small kids who cannot walk for miles or lose attention quickly.  I would recommend this museum for all ages.  Adults will love seeing the "old" trucks and equipment and the kids will love being at a fire station!

While were were visiting we saw a birthday party too.  And now I am pretty sure we will be having a birthday party for Jude at some point at The Denver Firefighters Museum.  He really wanted to join them.  So if you need a great place for a party during the COLD winter months...this would be PERFECT!

Here is a great coupon deal for you too...I hope that you visit them soon. 
 If you do, tell them that Building Our Story sent ya!  

Location: 1326 Tremont Place Denver, Colorado 80204

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this review by tickets to visit this museum.  Thanks you to Moms Connect which is part of ColoradoKids.com network.


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  1. Wow - what a great place - for a visit, and for a birthday party - amazing! Your kids are so cute, Jude is obviously thrilled!!! Looks like everyone had a great time - I never heard of a firefighter's museum - a wonderful idea.


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