Building Our Story: June 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Y3W: A Camp Out

Y3W:  A Camp Out
Jude got a Spiderman Sleeping bag from us for his birthday.  Jeremy decided that he wanted to do something special for Jude and have a camp out with him. 

So we let Jude open an early present the day before his birthday. 
He was so excited to go and open the sleeping bag and get it all set up in his playroom. 
The boys having a camp out in the playroom!  So cute!  And a great idea.  Too bad the kiddo stayed up until 10:30pm watching Wreak It Ralph!
I think Jeremy is really enjoying this stage of Jude - he is becoming such a BOY!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthday Week Continues

Jude is officially 3.   Tuesday was the day and we had a day of family fun just for Jude. 
Per the birthday boys request we headed to The Denver Children's Museum.  This is one of Jude's favorite places to visit.  It is a great place for a busy little boy.
His favorite part is the Fire Station Exhibit.  A REAL fire truck to climb on and drive while dressed up like a fireman.  What more could he want? 
Putting out the fire!  Watch Out!!

Another one of his favorite exhibits is the Whole Foods Shopping Experience.  He was giving me some drinks for lunch after he cooked some veggies in the stove.  Too cute!!
After some water play at the museum we headed to lunch.  Jude decided on "Noodles" - AKA - Noodles & Company.  He was exhausted but ate a great Mac N' Cheese lunch. 
After a nap we met the rest of my family at dinner.  Per Jude's request we went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner.  Not because he loves steak or Texas - but because he wanted to stomp on peanuts and see the grill fire!!  HA!!
He also decided that he wanted to ride the horse and get sung too!  Silly boy!
Next up? Presents!!!
Jude's BIG present from us was bike!  His first real bike!!  Buzz LightYear too!  He was so excited and really did well on peddling. 
So proud and happy!  This 3 year old will be cruzin our street now. 
And to end the day of celebrating?
The traditional Donut Tower Cake!
This kiddo was exhausted after such an exciting and fun day! 
Happy Birthday Jude!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday on the WW: Oh Life!

Life.  Yup I am blaming life for my lack of working out – not for the bad food choices though.  I will own those! 
Weight Watchers is working for me I am just not working Weight Watchers.  For my own sanity right now I am taking a break from weighing in until after our vacation next week.
Life recently has been unbelievably busy and stressful.  That means I go to my bad food choices without the time to work out!!  Eeek!!
I started C25K and I failed to keep up with it last week due to preparing for Father’s Day dinner and Jude’s birthday party.  I am not giving up though.  I am trying to make it a scheduled event in my calendar for my “running time” and I hope that helps.  Now that the big events are over for a while I am hoping that I can focus on me again.  Well at least as much as I can while I prepare for us to hop on a plane next week.  Life never stops I suppose! 
I have it on my calendar to run tonight!  I am doing it!!
So that’s my confession. I am off program!  I know I am.  Right now though I have to step away and not stress more about it. 

A Baseball Birthday Party

Over the weekend we celebrated Jude turning 3.  This year he chose his theme for his birthday party and he decided he wanted a "Rockies Ball Party".  We live in Colorado - the Rockies are our MLB team.  So in other words, a Baseball Party! 
So that's what we planned! 

I started with contacting Jenn from Inkberry Cards and asked her to design the perfect invite for Jude.  She did an amazing job, as always.  She is my invitation go to person!  I recommend her for any invitations you need or want! 
Once we had the date picked and the color schemes chosen we moved to decorations!

I, once again had Shannon of Sweet Stellas create some great embellishments for Jude's existing Birthday Banner.  This year she created baseballs, helmets and bats!  So cute! 
Now this little man was in need a personalized shirt that was special enough for a Baseball Party, I was so excited when I found this shirt!  Simply Sublime Baby has some great personalized items and this shirt was just what we needed!
The front says "Jude" and has the number 3.  And the back says his last name and a BIG number 3!  So cute!  We even had him wear this shirt for his 3 year old pictures! 
Decorations were easily found at our local Party City!  I love when it is easy!!  These lanterns are so great - my plan is to save these and MAYBE when Jude moves to his big boy room downstairs he will choose to decorate with sports!  I was also able to find Baseball plates, napkins, and tablecloths at Party City!  Perfect!
For our Guest Gifts this year I decided to go a little different.  I bought a bag of assorted baseball toys from the store and set them out, that way the kids could pick out a couple of toys they wanted.  But the real treat was the Baseball Cookies I bought from Decorated Desserts.  I was so excited when these were delivered!  They turned out amazing and they tasted great!!!  Who doesn't love a good sugar cookie?  Nom nom!
To make those cookies even better I bought Treat Bag Toppers from The Baby Noogle.  These just added a great personal touch!  Shannon did a great job listening to what I was envisioning and boom they were at my doorstep! 
Now for the centerpiece of the afternoon!  The CAKE!  I spoke with a friend from church and she told me should create the vision I had for Jude's 3rd Birthday Cake and she did!  Amanda just recently started a small Cake/Dessert business locally and now I see why.  Austins Custom Creations blew everyone away! 
Jude was very excited for his LEMON birthday cake!  Yup, Lemon!  This kid loves all things lemon.  So funny coming from a CHOCOLATE family! 
He was one happy little baseball player ready to blow out his candles!
The party was also a pool party since it was over 90 degrees out!  HOT!!  The kids had so much fun playing and splashing each other.  Jude really lucks out with pool parties every year.  Just makes it fun for everyone. 

It really was a great day!  Jude is blessed with some great family and friends and I know he knows it. 

This was about 15 minutes after our house cleared out.  He was one sleepy baseball player!  What a day!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Letter to Jude - Happy Birthday Turtle!

Dearest Jude – Our Turtle,

Today at 10:57am you will be officially 3 years old.  It really doesn’t seem possible that you were born 3 years ago.  How are you already 3?

These last 3 years with you in our lives has been full of fun, new adventures, laughs, tears, tests and most of all love.  You, my little Turtle, have brought us so much joy. 

(1st Birthday)
In the last 3 years we have seen you grow up into such a little man.  You are the kindest 3 year old I know.  Your heart is full of love and you give your heart to anyone that treats you well.  I love that about you.  I’ve been told that 3 is worse than 2 – let’s prove THEM wrong. 
In the last couple of months I have seen you grow up so quickly!  You really aren’t a baby anymore but I know you love when I call you “baby”.  I love seeing your eyes light up when you have fun or see someone you want to play with.  I love your snuggles and hugs and restaurant kisses!

(2 years old!)
3 is going to be exciting – you get to start preschool!  I know you will love it!
In the last 3 years you have taught us so much.  I am so looking forward to what you teach us until you are 4.  
I love you!

(3 years old)
My little Turtle – Happy Birthday!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Teagan is 8 Months

8 Months!
Teagan is very excited to be 8 months old! 
Things I do not want to forget:
~You can now say Da-Da and Ma-Ma!
~You are really great at rolling to get to things you want.
~You love to squawk to make sure we know you are around.
~You are getting better at sleeping in your crib for naps and bed time!
~You are eating 3 baby food meals a day now.  Yummy!
~You adore your brother, you get so excited when you see him.
~You are sitting up like a pro now!
~Just like your brother you love to play "I love your face!"
~Still only 2 teeth.
~Wearing size 2 diapers - probably could wear 3.
~Wearing size 6-9 month clothing.
~Your hair is getting long!  Sometimes it is a puffy mess!
~You are getting more cuddly! 
~Taking a bath in the big tub now! 

Jude always needs to take a monthly picture with her too! 
Too cute!!

Frog Eye Salad Recipe

Frog Eye Salad
(Tastes way better than it sounds!)

Frog Eye Salad is a family tradition from my husband.  We have continued it.  It is now a staple at any family event or BBQ at our home.  Including birthday parties! 
This is a yummy fruit salad that can also double as a dessert and it is really easy to make and it makes a huge bowl!  Great for big parties or left overs! 

Free Printable Recipe - Frog Eye Salad

3/4 cup sugar
1 Tblsp. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
2/3 cup pineapple juice
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp lemon juice
1 cup Acini De pepe (macaroni)
2 cans(11 oz) mandarin oranges, drained
1 can (20 oz) chunk pineapple, drained
1 can (20oz) crushed pineapple, drained
1 carton (8 oz) whipped cream topping
1 cup miniature marshmallows

In a small sauce pan, combine the sugar, flour and salt. Stir in the pineapple juice and egg. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened. Add lemon juice. Set aside and cool. 
Cook the Acini De pepe according to package directions.
Combine cooked Acini Di pepe with the cooked mixture. Place in refrigerator until chilled.
Combine remaining ingredients with the Anci mixture and stir lightly.
Chill at least 1 hour before serving. 

Eat and Enjoy!! 
PS - no frogs were hurt in the process of making this delicious salad.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jude Turns 3! Giveaway Event: Kimberly & Co

Kimberly & Co.

 I recently did a review on one of Kimberly's products and I am excited to welcome her back to the blog yet again!!  Kimberly quickly building her business into something amazing!  A shop full of accessories that are all crocheted! 

Check out these great products.  Everything from gloves, scarves and jewelry!  Perfect accessories for summer or winter.

Handmade items!

Kimberly & Co. - Social Media:

What would you chose if you won $20 to go shopping?
That's right - you could win $20!  Thank you Kimberly!!!  All you have to do is enter the giveaway below. 
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Disclosure: This review was not swayed by any product, gift or money. This is my review and my opinion.


Wednesday on the WW: Week 16

Week 16: 16 meetings attended.   

This blog hop is all about Weight Watchers.

Let's help each other on this journey by linking up recipes, successes, tips, photos and WW stories! Rules: Well the rules are easy. Just link! Link your blog posts that are all about Weight Watchers. Easy as pie! There are other ways to follow blogs such as Google+, Networked Blogs, facebook and various other options. I want everyone to link up! Grab the "Wednesday on the WW" button and put it in your blog post! I cannot wait to read all of your stories!!

Weight Update:
I gained this week - only .8 pounds but still a gain.  I am bummed yet not surprised with the crazy week I had and I am prepared for yet another crazy week coming up.
I did hit my 16 weeks on #weightwatchers.  I am proud of my 16 week charm and cannot wait to finally get that 10% keychain!!  SOON!! 
Goal Update:
I did track this week.  And I am going to track this week as well.  I completed my first week of C25K too!  I have yet to start week 2 and I am afraid I won't until after Jude's birthday party on Saturday.  Bummed.  Work, life and a birthday party are taking up much of my time.  Hate weeks like this.  I am not giving up though!!
This weeks Goal:
Tracking!  And get at least 1 day of c25k done before Sunday!!  Oh and have a great time celebrating my little man turning 3!!
C25k Update:
Week ONE complete!!  BOOM!!!
Week Two - haven't started.  Hoping to get at least one run in this week.
How did you do this week?

Link up below:



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jude Turns 3! Giveaway Event: The Baby Noogle


 And now to introduce you to Shannon #2.  :O)  Shannon of Baby Shmizz decided after the first of the year to add another job to her resume, you know besides being a full time working mother to Jack.

She has already proved herself to me.  I recently purchased treat bag toppers from her for Jude's goodie bags for his birthday party and I am very impressed.  I cannot wait to share the finished product with you.  Not only is she able to create treat toppers and other party decor but great Typography Wall Art.  I did a review on Jude and Teagan's birth stats Typography Wall Art here!

She is also working on a Sensory Processing Disorder product line for children with the same diagnosis as her son.  I know this is a very important line for Shannon and I cannot wait to see the products she releases.

Shannon has graciously given me $20 dollars to giveaway to my readers in celebration of Jude's 3rd birthday!  Luck you!  Thanks Shannon!!

Social Media for Baby Shmizz:
Etsy Shop

Disclosure:  All of these opinions are my own and were not swayed by monetary gifts.

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