Building Our Story: August 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Montessori Reflections for August

August in Review at Preschool

Our first {short} month of preschool has come to an end.  We made it!  Jude went to preschool 5 days in August.  At this school they do a phase in for the kiddos and parents so he hasn't really had a real week or day of school just yet.  The normal hours start on Tuesday.

The first day I went with him for 45 minutes, this was just a one on one meeting for Jude and his teacher.  Jude learned some of the rules of the classroom and also had about 5 short Lessons on the work in the Practical Life section of the classroom.  He really wanted to do the water pouring work but that is for later.  Every day he asks his teacher if he can do the water!  lol

The next day I went with Jude to his classroom for an hour and he got to meet all of his classmates and their Moms too!  The moms got to see an hour in the classroom.  It was a lot of fun to see the different personalities of the kiddos.  Jude will be in a class with just 6 other kids.  He is the youngest of the group.  There are 6 boys and 1 girl!  Jude loves the girl already...lucky her! 

The 3rd day of class was 90 minutes.  We did the normal drop off hug and kiss and hand shake at the classroom door.  Jude thought I went to work but I was in a conference room with the other moms visiting during the school time.  Jude did great.  He was so excited when I "picked" him up!

This week both Tuesday and Thursday he went for 2 hours all by himself.  I dropped him off and then went to work.  My dad went and picked him up at dismissal, loves that "Pa" is picking him up! 

The phase in is over and Jude will start on Tuesday going 8-11am!  Exciting!! 

So far we have heard 3 newly learned songs, we have been told how to wash our hands and have learned that he likes pouring things and playing with cones.  He has also told me that he cannot wait to have more lessons so he has more work to do. 

He has melt downs in the mornings when we tell him it isn't a school day...I guess that is a good thing!!  ;) 

Last night we had Family Night at a local pizza place and Jude was so excited to see and visit his teacher during dinner.  Seeing his smile when she waved at him was priceless!  I am so excited to see what is in store for us in September. 

I see this kiddo growing right in front of me!!  I love it!!   


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Four To Score by Janet Evanovich #bookreview

This is my 7th book read for 2013...please give me a round of applause!  I hope you are just as proud of my reading as I am!  If you are a parent you know how hard it is to read with kids.  Harder than I ever imagined! 
And now time for me to share with you my most recent read. 
Four to Score
(Stephanie Plum Series #4)
By Janet Evanovich
My Review:
Once again I am hooked.  Now if I didn't have 2 kids, a job, a house and a husband in my life I would have read this book in less than a day.  I love the way Janet Evanovich writes.  She is really connecting with her long term characters too.  I really enjoyed "sitting" at family dinners at her parents house too.  It gave me a glimpse into where Stephanie came from.  Her bounty hunting life is not dull but her home life is pretty normal...besides Grandma M.  Haha!  Grandma M brings it that lady! 

Stephanie is great at finding people who want to kill her and in this book it came close a couple of times.  One firebomb to her apartment leads Stephanie to move in with Joe Morelli...hello rumors!!  I love that the rumor mill begins going crazy with Stephanie being pregnant and getting married too.  So much for just a little bump and grind for Joe and Stephanie!  ;) 
The newest character that we met was Sally Sweet...a drag queen who doesn't know how to dress himself for his drag queen lifestyle!  Sally is a great addition to Stephanie and about sticking out in public though.  Probably not ideal if you are trying to stay alive!
Most of the time I am reading these books I forget what Mystery is trying to be solved or what criminal needs to be found because I am totally involved in the individuals and what they are doing.  I find myself really connecting with them each and since we have had them in our lives for 4 books now I feel like I know them! 
My Recommendations:
I've said it before, these are fun chic lit novels but they are pretty racy!  Great for the mature woman who wants easy reading with a little bad girl fun!  To be a Stephanie Plum fan you have to be able to laugh at her!
My Ratings:

5 out of 5 cupcakes for this book. 
The humor in this series is what keeps bringing me back.

What am I reading now?
High Five
(Stephanie Plum Series #5)
By Janet Evanovich
What are you reading today?


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Learning to Share

We are in the process of learning how to share.  

Even in the bathtub!!  These 2 kiddos love playing in the water together - sharing the toys is the hard part!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake Recipe

Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake
I have another easy dessert recipe to share with you!  I am always the one that brings dessert to birthday parties or family get-to-gethers which is fun but I hate bringing the same thing all the time. 

My family is all about Chocolate!  But some of us aren't so I decided to try something different.  Jude adores Lemon Desserts so I went with a Lemon Cake and poked a little Strawberry Lemonade into it!  ;)  I hope you can share this with your family and friends too!  It was a hit at our party!  The cake was so cool and yummy plus very moist...perfect for a HOT Colorado day. 

1-box of Lemon Cake (all ingredients to prepare cake as it says on the box)
1-small box of strawberry Jell-O
1 cup of lemonade
1 cup of water
1 container of Cool-Whip
2 cups of sliced strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1.  Bake the Lemon cake as directed.  Let the cake cool completely after baking.

2.  Once the cake is cooled completely you will need to poke holes throughout the cake.  I used a large serving fork to do this.  Make sure you get to the bottom of the cake pan!

3. Prepare the Strawberry Jell-O using 1 cup of boiling water and 1 cup of Lemonade. Stir well!

4.  Pour the Strawberry Jell-O and Lemonade carefully over the entire cake.  Make sure all the “holes” are filled!

5.  Chill cake overnight.  This allows the Jell-O to set.

6.  When ready to serve prepare the “frosting” by pureeing 1 ½ cups of sliced strawberries.  I used our Magic Bullet.  Add the Strawberry puree to the Cool Whip creating a nice strawberry Cool Whip frosting. 
7.  Frost the cake and then put the remaining sliced strawberries on top of your cake. 

8.  Enjoy!!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Jude's 1st Movie!

Jude had quite the treat this weekend {and by treat I mean holy shit no wonder we do not go see movies $30 to get in!}
Jude is 3 now and he adores his Planes book we bought him so we decided to take the plunge and take him to the movies for the first time.  We thought it would be a fun treat for just Jude, Mommy and Daddy. 
First we stopped at his favorite places to eat "Noodles and Company" - because he can get chocolate milk there!  ;)  Had a fun dinner and enjoyed the company of a very excited 3 year old!!
Mac and Cheese and Chocolate Milk...what more could you want?

We made it!!  Jude wore his Planes shirt for the occasion too! 

We told Jude he could choose a treat for the movie...he chose Skittles, his favorite candy but then of course ate Daddy's popcorn too!  Stinker!! 
When we sat down and he saw the BIG TV SCREEN he said "Daddy this is going to be awesome!"  I love that!  Such excitement and fun.  Totally worth the $30 admission and $25 snacks. 
Jude date night!  Ready to see the show!

This was my view.  Jude doesn't sit very much...ever!  So sitting for 2 hours was a lot to ask!  LOL He stood up most of the movie.  It was fine though, we had great seats so it worked out.
He did better in the theater than I thought. 
It was a great night and fun movie for Jude's 1st movie theater experience! 
When did you take your kids to the movies first?  What movie was the 1st movie your kids saw in the theater?


Friday, August 23, 2013

Y3W: Our Happenings Lately

What have we been up to you ask? 
Time to show you in pictures! 
Lots of Teagan fun!  Cuddles, walking, crawling, talking and turning 10 months old!

Teething!  Possibly 4 teeth at once = Mommy and Daddy having a bed time visitor!  Ahhh!!

Jeremy had another surgery last week.  All is well now.  Hoping this is the last one and that this giant annoying wound finally heals!  He is still going to the doctor daily.  Please keep praying for healing!  We want this whole process to finally be done. 

Sibling fun!  Teagan is really wanting to play with Jude now.  Sometimes Jude likes it...most of the time not so much!  ;)
Making play-dough cakes with Daddy.  Good times.  This kid loves play-dough!

Nap time on Daddy on a beautiful day at the park!
 Someone is learning how to dress himself which means he loves wear his Fireman Boots!  This was his outfit of choice for church!!
Well and there is pre-school!  Jude made it through his first full week of pre-school!  YAY! 
It's been busy, fun, and stressful.  Life!  ha! 


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teagan is 10 Months

August 20, 2013

10 Months Old!

Things I do not want to forget:
~Your laugh is contagious
~Hearing you say Bye Bye melts my heart
~Waving “Hi” and “Bye” all the time, it is adorable!
~You copied Jude one morning after he said I LOVE YOU!!  AHH!!!
~You are walking around the couches and tables now.
~Still just army crawling, not on your knees. 
~You love to be standing or walking around the couches and tables.
~You only have 2 teeth still!
~Your hair is getting so white and even getting some curls in the back!
~You are wearing 9-12 months clothes
~You are in Size 3 diapers.
~You still love to cuddle – so much that you do not like your own bed!!
~Sleeping and eating aren’t your things!
~Takes good naps but not sleeping through the night yet!
~4 bottles a day.
~3-4 jars of baby food a day. 
~Not fond of any “solids” yet – holy gag reflex!! 
~You love bath time!
~ You are an on the go girl! 

Happy 10 Months Teagan - Our Wild Child!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Story Time with Daddy

After dinner this is what our living room looked like....
Story Time with Daddy!

Such a fun evening! 


Friday, August 16, 2013

1st Day of School Chalkboard

Before Jude started school  I knew that I wanted to create something for us to use every "1st Day of School" for pictures.  This is a tradition that I am going to continue from my childhood, every first of day of school my brother and I lined up in the hallway for our picture.  If we were going into the 4th grade we held up 4 fingers. I love that my mom did this, great way to remember what your child looked like at every grade!
I couldn't decide how exactly I wanted to do this for us.  While I love what my parents did, I wanted our OWN tradition too. 
I jumped on Amazon and decided that we would use a Chalkboard for our display every year.  I found this Chalkboard and knew it was the one.  It is a 18x24 inch chalkboard for a great price!  Only $19.95!  When it arrived I was pleased with my choice and couldn't wait to start decorating!!
I didn't have Chalkboard Chalk so I used our sidewalk chalk and I believe it was a good decision.  The chalk looked great!  Even got compliments on how well the chalk stayed on the board. 
I decided that I wanted to make sure to have the date of the first day of school and that Jude was going into Pre-School.  After I started working on that I had an idea and I am so happy with what I designed. 
Adding "When I grown up I want to be" makes me smile.  I cannot wait to compare his answers over the years!!  And I cannot wait to use this for Teagan too...what a fun tradition!!
Here is our finished project for the School Year 2013/2014!

Do you have any 1st Day of School Traditions?  If so I'd love to hear them!!
What you need to create this board:
A steady hand to write.
An excited student!
Do you like this idea?  Please Pin for later!

Y3W: Jude Starts School

Yesterday was Jude's first day of Pre-school! 
How exciting!  
 I found this great idea on Pinterest and created our own 1st Day of School Chalk Board.  Every year I plan to have this set up for Jude and Teagan. 
Yesterday he decided that he wants to be a Police Officer when he grows up so he can help people!  So thoughtful!!  Before he answered Police Officer he answered "I want to be Jude when I grow up!"  I thought that answer was perfect too!! 
His first day was a short day and I got to stay in the room with him.  I did not interact with him but he did glance at me a couple times when he knew he wasn't listening to his teacher.
I love his teacher and the format of the Montessori room.  He went through 5 lessons with his teacher yesterday morning, this means he will be able to use those stations/lessons on his own now with out his teachers help.  He did great, he was a little distracted by all the other things in the room that he wanted to play with but as we were leaving his teacher told me that is normal and she sees the concentration he has once he is focused on a project.  She assured me that he would do fine in this class! 
He will be going only Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours.  Perfect for a 3 year old. 
I cannot wait to share more Montessori moments with you through out this school year. 
As we were leaving, Jude cried because he wasn't ready to leave, I suppose that is a good thing! 
Also - I am a Room Mom!  I don't know what that means but I am excited! 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Bistro at Marshdale - Evergreen Colorado

For our anniversary dinner we wanted to do something out of the normal.  The lovely ladies at the Highland Haven Inn suggested The Bistro as a great spot for a celebration dinner and we took the recommendation. 
We got dressed up and headed just out of town and found this cozy yet elegant restaurant.  The Bistro is a renovated {but not too renovated} lodge turned Bistro.  The Bistro serves great European Cuisine.  A mix between Italian and French selections.

The atmosphere was great.  We ate at candle light, enjoyed our wine and listened to a lovely piano player.  I felt comfortable in this "fancy" setting, unlike other High End restaurants we felt like we could fit in here.  Fancy but not snobby!  Perfection if you ask me. 
The Bistro prides themselves at fresh food. 
I present to you, the delicious bread and oil and balsamic for dipping.  Oh, so good! 

We enjoyed this bread a lot, pretty sure we had 3 helpings!  Ooops!! 

Next we shared the Caprese Salad.  Wow!  The tomatoes were so sweet and the Mozzarella was to die for.  My only critique...more Basil Pesto please! 

For dinner I went out of my comfort zone.  I had the House Smoked Pork Short Ribs with Horseradish BBQ sauce.  It came with a large portion and selection of steamed veggies and for aditional side I chose the creamy polenta.  The plate was giant!  It was so good!  The meat literally fell off the bone, which is perfect for me because I have an issue with eating meat off a bone. {weird I know!}
Jeremy had a Pasta dish.  The Bistro Smoked Salmon with Penne pasta in a Vodka Cream Garlic Sauce.  I didn't try this, I'm not a fish eater, but Jeremy said it was a great dish and was HUGE too.  The amount of food that you get for your meal is impressive.  The prices aren't bad either. 
We would recommend this place to anyone who is visiting Evergreen or Conifer Colorado.  Perfect for a night out in a Mountain town. 
Reservations are recommended!  This place is pretty small and gets very busy during peak hours!

Contact The Bistro at Marshdale here:
The Bistro Website
The Bistro facebook
Disclosure:  This is not a paid post, simply my review of a fantastic night out. 

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