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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2 Sues Bag - Kelly Moore Bag

After Christmas I did something for me.  I used a portion of my blog earnings to buy myself a Kelly Moore Camera Bag.  To be honest with out this "extra" money I would have never even considered this splurge for myself - these bags are amazing yet rather expensive.  I am so thrilled with my decision to invest in my camera and needs because WOW!  This bag is a beauty!
I may have done a happy dance when I saw this...just saying. 
I opted for a 2 Sues Bag in eggplant.  Gorgeous color! And totally ME!  This bag will become my purse, diaper bag and camera bag while we are out as a family.  The bag is big enough for it all and still manageable and chic!

The quality is amazing.  I know that this bag will really fit my needs for years to come.  Plus it is so pretty!!!  I cannot wait for our first outing so I can show it off!

This bag can easily be turned into an every day bag too.  It has a removable basket design for easy transformation but it is also great protection for your DSLR camera and extra lens.
The back pocket is perfect for holding memory cards and all of your other cards for when you are out on the town.  Perfect organization!

So are you jealous - I am proud to introduce my new love to you all!!  Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to myself!  ;)

Do you own a great camera bag?  Would love to hear your suggestions!

Disclosure:  This was not a paid review.  Simply gushing about my new bag!

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  1. It's stunning!! I'm sort of regretting having a new Skip Hop now lol

  2. I LOVE my Kelly Moore bag, I have a lavender bag too!

  3. Congrats! It's beautiful! I have an insert that slips easily in and out of all my larger purses and backpack, holds my camera body, Speedlite, extra batteries, and 2 lenses (3 if I don't bring my flash) plus normal purse-y stuff. I'm too non-committal to invest in just one camera bag! :)

  4. Beautiful! You have to do stuff for yourself once in a while! Especially if it's money you earned :)

  5. Awesome! I don't have a fancy bag like that, my new one I got for christmas is a Manfrotto Bella IV.

  6. Glad to read this. I'm eyeballing the same bag in the same color right now !


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