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Friday, January 31, 2014

I am #UnitedInOrange - are you? Superbowl Weekend!

Denver is preparing for a great game this weekend.  No big deal right?  Heck no!  It's a huge deal!!  It has been 15 years since the Denver Broncos have been in the Superbowl and we are ready!!  


So here is my question to you.....

Superbowl 2014  Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks  Football  logos

Also, even Starbucks #unitedinorange

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  1. Well, no team that I am a fan of is in the game. I tend to want to go for the Bronco's too but... Paton.. ugh.. Being a patriots fan, that's a hard guy to cheer for!

  2. Gotta admit, I'm not a huge fan of football.. I'm from Chicago so I can't really side with either of those, and I'll be honest, I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials :)


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