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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stay On Top of Medication Refills with #WalgreensRX

It is no small feat to manage medical records, medication refills, and prescription history; especially when your medicine cabinet looks like ours!  Our family has had quite a year of medical issues that have resulted in many trips to the Pharmacy and chats with a pharmacist. We are hopeful that 2014 will be a healthier year but we still need help with all of our Pharmacy needs!
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Beginning January ONE 2014 we have a new insurance policy that will allow us to be more flexible with our Medication Refills which means we will be turning to our local Walgreens Pharmacy for most, if not all of our Prescriptions.  I decided to do some research on the Walgreens website to find out more about how we will take control of our spending and our healthcare!
#WalgreensRX #cbias #shop #ad Medication Refills Walgreens Pharmacy

We can literally walk to a Walgreens and that is one reason why I know we will start really relying on this Pharmacy for all of our needs.  The options that the Walgreens Pharmacy offers will really help us in many ways for our 2014 healthcare costs and stress.  Not to mention we can chat with a pharmacist while online or after a short walk from our house!  Convenience is so important in life, especially a busy life with full time jobs and kiddos.  

When I first logged onto the website I was SOLD immediately.  Check out these great options that are offered!  Once I saw this I knew this would be perfect for our family situation.  Jeremy is on a lot of medications, we are hoping not for much longer but until then we needed some help managing these medication refills.  
#WalgreensRX #cbias #shop #ad Medication Refills Walgreens Pharmacy
I am looking forward to less stress and running around after noticing that Jeremy needed new meds!  NOW! 
#WalgreensRX #cbias #shop #ad Medication Refills Walgreens Pharmacy
I am setting up the Auto Refill option on all of the medications that Jeremy and I have monthly.  Talk about one less thing to worry about!  I have also started using the Refill Reminder Emails or Texts.  That way both Jeremy and I can be notified when we need to refill the medications that I decided to not but on Auto Refill.  

Easy!  I have also installed the Walgreens Pharmacy on my iPhone.  I really like having all of our Prescription History right in my hand.  This is more of a safety thing for me than a helpful thing.  I feel more informed about my family and what we have been prescribed.  Great help!

I have told my parents about the Walgreens Pharmacy online options and they are sold too!  I will be working with them in the next couple of days to get their refill options all set up to their needs. 
#WalgreensRX #cbias #shop #ad Medication Refills Walgreens Pharmacy
As we enter 2014 I look forward to one less thing that is a big task in our home.  We will be safer, less stressed and more organized!  Hey, those all sound like great New Years Resolutions!  With Walgreens Pharmacy I think we can actually keep those resolutions!


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  1. You're so lucky you can walk to Walgreens! What a great way to get those extra steps in when you need to pick up a refill anyway! #client


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