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Monday, January 27, 2014

Date night in with #KYdatenight #ad

After 10 years of marriage and 2 kids I find us searching for intimacy and the perfect Date Night.  It is no secret that with the stresses of children, bills, health issues and life that a lot of relationships lack that intimacy that we all first experienced.  That needs to end now - for everyone.  With the help of K+Y Yours & Mine I made a great Date Night In basket of fun for Jeremy and me.

#KYdatenight #ad #shop #cbias Date Night In KY

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I think that finding a gift for Valentine's Day is hard.  I find myself always over thinking the holiday, especially when I do not have a ton of time to go shopping. We are celebrating early this year which means I had to figure out something fast but I wanted it to be perfect too.  I headed to Walmart and found some great gifts to make our Date Night In a night to remember.

#KYdatenight #ad #shop #cbias Date Night In KY 4

I was drawn to the KY Yours+Mine packaging because of the Date Night advertising.  This package comes with a $40.00 promotion code good for a Date Night In!  Thank you Plated and Vudu!  This package includes 2 meals from Plated and a code to watch a movie via Vudu.   Once I had this item I knew my Valentine's Day basket was complete!  

#KYdatenight #ad #shop #cbias Date Night In KY

Check out my fun #KYdatenight basket that I will be giving to the hubby on our Valentine's Day celebration!

#KYdatenight #ad #shop #cbias Date Night In KY

I included a candle that is the scent that Jeremy loves.  Little inside secret, my husband loves to burn candles all the time!  I found a bottle of wine that is my favorite - Cupcake Merlot!  So good - try it!  I found a giant chocolate kiss!  Some cutesy Valentine's Day wine glasses.  A new tie for Jeremy that makes me smile - hey we have to add a little humor to our basket!  And to top it all off, our KY Date Night fun!  This gift will surprise the hubby but also show him that I totally appreciate this child free night and special one on one time with him.  Not to mention the free dinner and movie that KY gave us!  Perfection!

#KYdatenight #ad #shop #cbias Date Night In KY

This Valentine's Day make sure you head over to Walmart to pick up a #KYdatenight package for you and your partner. It is time to make intimacy important in every stage of a relationship!  

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.
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  1. Very cute basket! I have to admit... all I want now is a giant Hershey Kiss! Thanks for the great post. #client

  2. Nice basket! Love it! And great redesign of your site. So fresh and clean looking!! #client

  3. What is going on with the #client tags?

    Chocolate is delicious.

  4. Cute! I want some of the wine and chocolate too -- good ideas!


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