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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Heart Sun Catcher - Valentine's Day Craft

Heart Sun Catcher - Valentine's Day Craft

Christmas decorations are down and our house looks empty - time to focus on hearts and cupids!  I decided to try a fun Valentine's Day craft with Jude this year.  Jude likes doing crafts but his attention span is pretty short which means I have to find crafts that are really interesting to him and that do not take a long time to set up or complete.  We made three of these Heart Sun Catchers and will be gifting 2 of them from Jude to both sets of Grandparents for Valentine's Day.

Heart Sun Catcher - Valentine's Day Craft for Preschoolers 

Supplies Needed:
Clear Con-Tact Paper
Red & Pink Construction Paper
Glitter and Sequence (or anything you want to add to your heart)
Scissors (not shown)

Heart Sun Catcher - Valentine's Day Craft


Start by cutting hearts out of your construction paper.  Easiest way is to fold the paper in half and draw a half heart and cut it out.

Lay out a good amount of con-tact paper sticky side up.

Lay your hearts down on the sticky con-tact paper.

Time to let your little one decorate!  Jude added sequence and then glittered all of his hearts.  The best part about this craft - NO GLUE!!

Heart Sun Catcher - Valentine's Day Craft

One Jude was done decorating I put down another piece of con-tact paper (sticky side down) on the hearts.  This seals them, keeping all of the goodies locked inside!

Heart Sun Catcher - Valentine's Day Craft

Leaving a good 1/2 inch of con-tact paper bordered around the hearts I cut around the heart to create the sun catcher.

Simply tape or hang the creation in your window for easy Valentine's decorations made by the little ones in your family.

Heart Sun Catcher - Valentine's Day Craft

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  1. Oh I love these! I am going to buy some contact paper this week!

  2. This is a cute craft idea. It is important to teach our kids crafts as they are young because it will help them with hand coordination as they grow older and need to do repairs and maintenance.

    1. I agree Janeane. I think crafts also help Jude focus longer too.

  3. What a super cute and festive craft for Valentine's Day!

  4. Great idea Censie! I have gotta figure out some crafty fun to do with Eyan!

  5. I'm making these with my Day Care this week. Thanks for the post. My little ones are all different ages so this will be great for toddlers and preschoolers.

  6. What a fun and simple craft for kids!


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