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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jude Lately - 3 1/2 years old!

Jude is 3 and a half years old now and man this is a fun yet super challenging age for all of us.  This little man is super independent {I give the Montessori teaching the credit for that} and that is a great thing but certainly brings some challenges for Jeremy and me.  

Jude is struggling a lot with tantrums and talking back - we often refer to him as a "Three-ager"!  This is where the challenge is great for Jeremy and I.  I feel like we have tried everything to get around these tantrums but when they happen...BOOM!  He is off like a rocket.  Que the tears, the stomping and the defiance.  We work on this every day and hope that maybe the magic of being 4 will help this behavior.   

While he is very independent he certainly loves his cuddles still.  He wants to be big but wants his cuddles too.  We love that.  

Jude has been struggling with being afraid at night or "spooky" as we call it.  He has found a way to personally cope with that.  He has introduced us to several "friends" who keep him safe when he is scared.  He names these friends and tells us when they are around too.  One of his favorite is Randell - he is the purple monster from Monsters Inc!  Too cute.  Randell sleeps with him to keep other Monsters out of his room.  The imagination that this kid has is amazing!

Jude has started swimming lessons at the local rec center and is loving them.  He is doing really great too.  He is also participating in a tumbling class on the weekends, this allows him to get some extra energy out in the cold months.  We love it!

Things I do not want to forget:
~He wears size 5T clothes
~Wears big boy undies every day except to preschool
~He loves learning about the human body, my mom just bought him a model and he is learning all kids of health related things - mom is a retired health teacher!  ;)  This 3 year old can tell you about your esophagus, lungs, liver and brain - even wear they are!
~He told us he wants to be a scientist
~He can count to 18.
~He is recognizing letters and his name.
~Still a great eater - no problems with him!
~Sleeps great, shows no interest in moving into a big boy bed.
~Sweet boy, empathetic and caring to everyone. 

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