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Friday, January 31, 2014

Montessori Reflections for January #Montessori #Preschool

January Montessori Reflections

We are into the second part of the year.  Unbelievable.  Jude is excelling in this classroom and every day he comes home from school I am more and more thankful for our decision to send him to a Montessori classroom.

We had our first Parent Teacher Conference this month.  It was a good time to visit with his teacher and talk about how much he has improved and learned in the last 5 months.  We even got a little "report card"!

He is proficient in his Social and Emotional Skills - he does need to work on his interactions with peers.  We knew that, he can be very overwhelming to his friends.

He needs to work on his listening skills.  YES!

He has mastered his Self-Reliance Skills.  Can take care of his personal needs, select appropriate work and challenges himself.

Verbal Skills - His teacher informed us that he is one of the only students that asks for new lessons.  I love that he wants to learn new things!  She did mention that at times he does not speak clearly or wait his turn to speak.  All things we are working on.

His Work Habits are great.  He works independently, is curious and selects work and puts work away when finished!  Great news!  Improvement for sure.

Fine Motor Skills - has a lot to work on but has improved greatly from the beginning of school.  He has established that he is a Right Hand Dominant kiddo.  Needs to work on coloring, scissors, wet and dry pouring.

He can identify all of the colors tested on.  He can count to 18!  He recognizes the numbers 1 and 4.  Knows basic shapes and can count objects.

I think Jude got a great report!  

We also talked about our plan for next year.  Right now he is in school Tuesday and Thursday 8-11am.  Next year we will do Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8-11am.  He is a young preschooler so we want him to have one more year of transition.  He will have the same teacher and classroom, I think that is a perfect situation for Jude.

The difference that we have seen since August is pretty amazing.

Jude did have to miss his first day of school due to being down with a bad cold virus.  We had one bummed little boy that he was missing school!!

Montessori has been life changing for our little Turtle.

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  1. That's so cool! Is this like a pre-Kindergarten type thing?

    1. He is in 3 year old Preschool this year. Next year he will do 4 year old preschool and then following that he will be in pre-k at 5. Then we will move to Kindergarten at 6. At least that is the plan. we want him to be a old Kindergarten student, we feel that boys do much better being the eldest and it gives him an extra year of practice.


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