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Friday, January 3, 2014

My 2014 Goals

2014 is here which means it is time for new goals!  
Some of my 2014 goals are similar to the ones I had in 2013. I have added some new and important ones though as well.

1.  Be Healthy:  I am not going to say Lose Weight - I am not going to set a goal weight or even an exercise goal.  Honestly, I will fail and right now I can't fail for my own mental health.  2013 was rough, my weight has gone up and I know I am not healthy.  So for 2014 I am focusing on making good choices in my food intake and more activity.  I want to continue to make healthy and toddler friendly meals for my family.  If at the end of 2014 I have lost weight and continued an exercise plan that is just a bonus.  Be Well.

2.  Stay Positive:  There has been a lot of negative in our family in the last couple of years.  Be it health related, work related or relationship related.  I want to try to be as positive about every situation possible.  the negative energy that has been put into our family is not healthy for anyone!

3.  Forgive:  Time to forgive.  I will not go into detail but forgive.

4.  Read:  Last year I had a goal of 13 books in 2013.  I read 10!  With all that went on I am so proud of my 10!  For 2014 I am going big.  I am hoping to read at least 14 books.  Keeping in tradition; 14 books in 2014.  Post to follow.  

5.  Unplug:  With my blogging I have found myself on my phone and computer way too much.  I want to set up a schedule to help manage my time in front of the screen.  This is a big one I need to figure out.  Wish me luck and I invite any tips!

6.  Organize:  THE WHOLE HOUSE!!!!!  Yup the whole house needs it.  I wish I could say just organize my closet.  HA!  Nope.  We need the kitchen, our room, the hall closet, the play room, THE TOYS, the kids room and our living room organized.  I am talking about a big purge!  I cannot wait but I have no idea where to start!  HA!

7.  Be a kid with my kids:  It goes so fast.  I need to remember this.  Even when I am tired and stressed - it goes too fast.  Soon we will be worrying about college.  So this year it is all about the kids.  

We also committed to the 52 Week Money Challenge!  Money Money Money - MONEY!

What are your Goals or Resolutions for 2014?  



  1. Great goals, happy new year! I like your goal of Be a kid with my Kids! Sometimes you just have to be silly!!

    (and its not centered - yay!)

  2. I agree, great goals! I have a few goals this year as well. I want to travel more. I haven't taken a vacation in over 10 years. I just started looking up Las Vegas golf specials yesterday. My husband would love that vacation. This is the one goal I really hope to keep. Also I would like to stop being so lazy and get active. I want to have at least one physical activity a day after work. Good luck on your goals and I hope you and your family have a very happy and healthy new year!

  3. I love these goals. I am trying really hard to put word to paper about what my goals for the year are. I know I need them because I always do so much better when I have goals.


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