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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Melting Pot Date Night - What I Wore

Recently the husband and I had a night out just the two of us.  We used some money given to us by some dear friends to splurge on one another.  We took the kiddos over to my parent's house and we headed to our favorite place to indulge.  The Melting Pot.  So good!  

The Melting Pot is our bad habit, our favorite place to not count calories, our place to escape the kiddos!  Our Favorite!  

It was a really fun night for the two of us.  It was a night of celebrating a New Year!  A year that we are hopeful will bring only happiness and health for everyone.  Oh the cheese!  So yummy!

I wish we took time to just sit and visit more.  It would do us good.  Something to work on for the New Year too.  Parenthood is amazing but Date Nights remind us how much work being a Mommy and Daddy really is.

My favorite part!  The chocolate!!  We usually choose the Ying and Yang so we get a bit of both types of chocolate.

Fondue is a lot of fun.  If you haven't tried it - put it on your bucket list for 2014!  The Melting Pot is the best place for it too.  The atmosphere is next to none...makes the evening perfect!

While I didn't go all out with my Date Night fashion I did feel great walking into dinner.  Check out the Outfit of The Day on Date Night!

Date Night - simple

Simple but dressed up enough to feel great!  

What are your favorite go to places for Date Night?

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  1. I've been dying to go, we have one that opened a few years ago about an hour away :) I think it might be our first sans kids date this spring :)

  2. We have never been to the melting pot, but we really need to make it a point to go sometime!

  3. I've heard such great things about the Melting Pot and have always wanted to go - Hubs veto's it every time! lol
    i LOVE Flamestone Grill - S'mores at your table!!


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